Always Welcome

Most of the time, I am just fine.  Perfectly contented.  Happy right where I am.  But ever so often, I find myself struggling with loneliness which leads to self-pity.  A couple of weeks ago, that is exactly where I was.  Sundays are the worse.  There’s something about going to church alone, then leaving alone.  I … More Always Welcome

Just Some Thoughts

Well, Election Day is finally upon us.  I don’t know about you, but I am thankful it is almost over.  It’s just gets uglier every 4 years.  It breaks my heart to see the division in our nation and it scares me to think about where we are headed.  Every time I feel anxious, I … More Just Some Thoughts

Difficult People

  Is there someone in your life who is just plain difficult? Of course there is! We all have at least one of those folks lurking around us somewhere. Some people are SOOOO hard to like! For years, I was in a “friend” relationship with someone; someone who truly tested my resolve. Every time I would have … More Difficult People