Missing Christmas?

This was orignally posted in December 2016, but I thought it was worth reading again.  Remember, this is from 2 years ago, so it wasn’t this past Sunday’s sermon (Dec 2018) that I refer to. With all the hustle and bustle, the lights, the gifts, the busyness of the season, it is so easy to … More Missing Christmas?

Until We Meet Again

My mama always said that the older she got the more she had to say goodbye to her family and friends.  I am finding out just how right she was.  Still reeling from the unexpected death of my sister-in-law, yet another family member has died, this time from the ravishes of that hateful disease called … More Until We Meet Again

Facing More Changes

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my 62 years of life, it’s that things are always changing.  That seems so interesting since most of us have trouble embracing change. I know I don’t like change.  It throws me for a loop every time.  You’d think I would have adjusted by now, but I haven’t. … More Facing More Changes