All In A Day

Today is October 7th.  This particular day has had some extremely pivotal moments in my most recent years. Some have been amazing and some have led to harder days. But no matter, every day is a precious gift from God and even though I sometimes struggle with how things are, I thank Him for every … More All In A Day

Some Musings

“Love first. Ask questions later.”  This is the premise of Preemptive Love, an organization founded by Jeremy Courtney and his wife.  Their mission is to secure surgery for children in Iraq that are suffering from life-threatening heart conditions.  At the beginning, they had to send the children out of the country for these surgeries, but … More Some Musings

The Closing Bell

Today is the closing day of yet another year. 2014 will soon be but a memory. Compared to some recent years, this one hasn’t been that eventful for me personally, but much has and is happening all around this world. That’s not to say there haven’t been some time-line moments in my life. There have … More The Closing Bell

A Glorious Day!

These past two mornings have been glorious! Perfectly blue skies, a cool temperature, and a gentle breeze. There is that slight feel of autumn in the air. What a nice reprieve from the normal dog days of August. As I think of creation and its workings, I am astonished that people deny the existence of … More A Glorious Day!

Summer Peace

There is something so peaceful and reassuring in the flowers of summer. I LOVE flowers! Watching things grow brings me joy and fulfillment. Mama always had a beautiful yard. She worked so hard to keep it that way. I suppose that love rubbed off on me. My sister, Debbie, has the same love, just stepped … More Summer Peace


Entitlement is a growing problem in our culture. Our government seems to encourage it. It appears there are many who are willing to take and take and take because they feel they “deserve” it. It is their right! How easy it is to point our fingers at “those” people! Last night at our Thursday night church … More Entitlement