The Only Thing That Stays The Same Is That Everything Changes

“The only thing that stays the same is that everything changes.”  That is my new personal saying.  Of course, I know God never changes, but I’m talking about our lives here and now.  The sun comes up.  The sun goes down. Change.  The wrinkles and rolls that didn’t used to be there are now.  Change.  … More The Only Thing That Stays The Same Is That Everything Changes

Until We Meet Again

My mama always said that the older she got the more she had to say goodbye to her family and friends.  I am finding out just how right she was.  Still reeling from the unexpected death of my sister-in-law, yet another family member has died, this time from the ravishes of that hateful disease called … More Until We Meet Again

Surviving A Loss

Events of the past 10 days or so have resurrected some feelings inside of me that have been dormant for a while. A member of what I consider extended family had to say so long to his wife of 64 years this past week after a tough time of much sickness.  It was hard to … More Surviving A Loss

Jesus Understands

  Except for the few who were aware of what was going on, it began as a day like most others.  Yet, behind the scenes, something that would change history was taking place. During the night, Jesus had been betrayed by one of His apostles.  Making things even worse, Judas had shown the soldiers who … More Jesus Understands

In But A Moment

Last night, another of God’s children entered into her eternal home. Ruby is now with Jesus, seeing Him face to face. My heart is sad, yet rejoicing. Sad because she is no longer with us. Rejoicing because she has reached the goal of every true believer in Christ Jesus. “we are of good courage, I … More In But A Moment