Responding To Betrayal

  • I wrote this quite a while back, but this truth hasn’t changed.  Our pastor gave us daily readings for this week.  Today it was John 13.  The phrase that jumped out at me was “and He loved them to the end.”  Here is just one of the ways Jesus loved them, all of them.

It was night.

Darkness not only filled the streets,

it filled the heart of the betrayer.

Do something!

Stop the madness!


He got up from supper.

He laid aside His garments.

He took a towel.

He girded Himself.

He poured water into a basin.

What is going on?

He’s the Teacher!

He’s the LORD!

Then, He stooped and gently washed the feet of His disciples.

Yes, all twelve of them.

Yes, even the feet of the betrayer.

How could He do such a thing?

What was He thinking!


The same love that caused Him to leave

the glory of heaven to put on flesh.

The same love that led Him, homeless, around

Judah and Galilee teaching and healing.

The same love that would give Him strength to

endure the mocking and sneering and beating,

The same love that would hold Him to a

cruel and undeserved cross.

The LIGHT of the world-


                                               surrounded by darkness-


simply and unconditionally-



Lots of love, Sharon

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