Indescribable is the word that keeps popping up this Christmas season.  My sponsored child, Joseph, who has just graduated from university, wrote it in his Christmas card to me, and it was in a devotional I read just this morning.  There have been multiple other times, as well.

What exactly does indescribable mean?  Merriam-Webster says it is “surpassing description.”  Doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, does it?

Jesus is called our indescribable gift. The more I learn and understand who Jesus is, the more I see that He is truly indescribable.  I have trouble getting my little finite mind wrapped around it all.

Think about it.  Jesus is God.  He was, He is, and He will be.  He was in the beginning with God and He is God.

So, we have the one true God, the Creator and Sustainer of everything and everyone, who left His place of glory in heaven and bound Himself up inside a young girl’s womb so He could become one of us in order to die in our place for the sins we have committed and will commit.  Anyone besides me struggling to “describe” this? Don’t get me wrong.  I totally believe this, I just find it indescribable.

There are many religions in our world and we are constantly being told there are many ways to heaven.  The thing that sets Christianity apart from them is that God reaches down to man.  Jesus became flesh, walked among us as one of us, died for us, then rose from the dead. No one else has ever done such an indescribable thing!


Now for a few trivia tidbits concerning the Christmas story:

Did you know the shepherds were watching over the temple sheep?  These were the sheep raised especially for selling in the temple for sacrifices.  Isn’t it interesting the angels appeared to tell those watching over the sacrificial lambs that the Lamb of God was born that night?

Swaddling clothes was a sign for the shepherds to know they had found the right baby.  Because they raised lambs that had to be perfect, the shepherds would wrap newborn lambs in strips of cloth to protect them from injury during those first unsteady hours.  They found THE perfect Lamb lying in a manger and wrapped in swaddling clothes!

Mary and Joseph were both of the lineage of David.  Matthew and Luke share their family trees.

Jesus came to live physically in Mary’s womb through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Jesus comes to live in us spiritually through the Holy Spirit.

The Magi were not at the stable and it does not say there were three of them.  Matthew tells us they came into the “house” and saw the “Child.”  Herod had all boys under 2 years old killed in his plot to get to Jesus.  This tells us a good amount of time had passed when they fell and worshiped Jesus.


Have you stopped and thought about the cost involved for Mary and Joseph to “parent” God in the flesh?  We have prettied it all up in our minds and in our nativity scenes, but this was anything but pretty.  They would have been mistreated for having a pregnancy before marriage.  Jesus would have been considered a bastard child.  Joseph could have had Mary stoned for immorality. The manger was a filthy animal feeding trough and the stable would have been extra packed with animals because so many people were in Bethlehem for the census.  Can you even imagine the smell and the noise?  Many, many baby boys were slaughtered because Herod feared a new king had been born.  Joseph had to take his family and flee to Egypt to escape this.  And then Mary had to watch as her Son was wrongly accused, beaten to a pulp, and crucified on a cruel cross.

Yet Mary was called BLESSED.

Jesus living inside of you isn’t always easy.  Jesus said to count the cost which says there will be one.  But even on the hardest days, you are blessed.  That, my friends, is indescribable!!!

Lots of love and MERRY CHRISTMAS,


One thought on “Indescribable

  1. Sharon, a beautiful piece of writing, of truth, of reflection for all of us as we savor the reality of the baby Jesus who we have been called and chosen to follow….to embrace as our much needed Savior, Friend, and Model. May we all give thanks to an Indescribable God who sovereignly, with intellectual brilliance, wrote this story of LOVE, TRUTH, and SACRIFICE for us to participate in this Christmas! Love you sweet Sister in Christ, Dr. Rob

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