Life-Changing Decisions

Every single day we make decisions.  Small ones. Bigger ones.  Insignificant ones.  More important ones.  We decide what to wear, what to eat, what street to turn down to reach our destination, who to reach out to, who to avoid (hopefully, not often!), what time to go to bed, what time to get up.  The list goes on and on.

Then there’s the day that a huge, life-changing decision is made. I’m talking about the kind of change that completely transforms what has always been a part of your life.  One day you are a part of something, the next day you’re not.

I’ve talked about change before, but it still continues to amaze me just how much change life brings.  Many of the changes I’ve faced have been outside the realm of my control.  This change doesn’t fit that category.  A choice was offered.  A decision was deliberately, prayerfully, painstakingly made.

God works in mysterious ways.  Sometimes He steps up in unexpected circumstances and shows us the correct path to take.  This decision is right.  This decision is God ordained.  Does that make it easy?  Yes and No.  Yes, because it is the right thing to do.  No, because it brings with it an empty place in our hearts.

So, we move forward, watching for what God will do next in this wonderful, crazy, fun, heart-breaking thing called life!

Lots of love, Sharon



One thought on “Life-Changing Decisions

  1. So glad to see you post. It seems like a long time. I often think of the pain you faced last summer and how bravely you and Debbie embraced the pain and gracefully bid your precious daddy farewell. I think of how thankful I am to have shared this time in some small way.

    I am praying as you go through yet another transition that it seems God has ordained.

    Love you, Sharon❣️❤️🙏

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