Don’t Let “THEM” Guide Your Life

“They”, whoever they are, tell us that our country is extremely divided and that we don’t get along.  Most of what is seen on the news supports that idea.  Now I’m not discounting that it is true we are divided, as our recent elections reveal that to be true, but when we shut off the TV and get out in the world around us, what is it we really see?

Recently, I spent most of a week at our family business, doing what I could to help the staff while our general manager was taking a much-needed vacation.  Our customer base is extremely diverse in nationality, age, and economic standing.  I’m pretty sure the political persuasion would be all over the map as well.  But you know what I observed every single day out there?  Kindness, generosity, color-blindness.  Even though it was just before this last election, I didn’t hear anyone berating those around them for not looking like them and/or probably thinking like them.  I overheard people talking to people about life and it’s up and downs.  I saw mutual respect and admiration.  I heard no attitude.  I saw no snubbing.   I saw whites engage blacks and blacks engage whites.   Just folks being friendly while passing the time in our waiting room.

I couldn’t help but think about how much it must please the LORD to see those He created treat one another as equals, seeing inside to a heart like theirs, instead of letting the outside determine their next move.  My heart was warmed and several times I found a smile was forming on my face as I couldn’t help but overhear some of those conversations.

You know, if we would search inside our own hearts and minds instead of letting “them” make our decisions, we just might find life is actually a lot different from what we’ve been almost brain-washed to believe.  We are all the same on the inside.  We all struggle with our children, our finances, our work, our insecurities.  We all deep-down just want to be loved and needed and respected.  Perhaps if we practiced the Golden Rule ourselves, others might follow our lead.  Who knows, we could start a revolution!


Lots of love, Sharon

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