The Promise Of New Life


Daddy still clings to life, even though we believe he has one foot in eternity. But for some reason only God the Father knows, he is just not stepping on over with the other foot.  It is all in God’s hands and we simply wait for Him to make that final call.

As we sit in Daddy’s room, the quiet is broken by the song of a Carolina Wren whose mate is sitting on a nest in the bird house in this picture.  This bird house is right outside Daddy’s windows and occasionally, I can catch the daddy bird taking the mama bird some food.  Between time, he sits in the crepe myrtle close by, just singing his little heart out.  Is he singing the mama bird a love song?  Is he reassuring her that he is still waiting for their new family?  Maybe he’s so happy he just can’t help but sing!!!

My sister commented just a little while ago that his singing reminds her of new life that’s coming even as we sit watching another life leaving. Life surrounds us even in the worst of times.  The promise of new life gives us hope for the future.  The promise of new life gives us strength for this journey.  The promise of new life fills our hearts with peace and joy in the most trying of circumstances.

Jesus is our promise of life.  He is our life.  He is THE LIFE.  Because of Him, even in our heartache and tears, we find joy and peace and strength and hope for today and the future.  That little daddy bird doesn’t worry about tomorrow.  He’s just happy in this day.  Maybe we could all take a lesson from him.

Lots of love,

Sharon (and Debbie)


8 thoughts on “The Promise Of New Life

  1. Outside my mom and dads sunroom ther was a bird house and the birds were there every day and the day my mom died they left and never came back. I alway said that god sent them to watch over my mom until she past over in eternity. I thought that was very comforting to me.

    I know you are at peace with your dad knowing he will be with Jesus shortly. That does not mean you want miss him , but you know where he is. Prayers for you and Debbie.

  2. Your posts are so tender with love and devotion for your daddy and his homegoing. I’m sure that many are blessed. I know that I am.

  3. Dear Sharon,

    Just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and your sister as you sit with your Dad. I know how hard this is and wish for all of you peace and love as you see him through this journey.



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