As Hard As This All Is, It Is PRICELESS!

Well, we’ve made it through another day and most of this night, yet Daddy still lingers.  In the wee hours of this day, Daddy decides he is going to get up and sit on the back side of his bed to pee.  He wouldn’t be convinced differently.  He was more than determined this WAS going to happen.  So we made it happen!  Debbie was in front of him and I climbed up on the bed behind him to be his support.  There we were, in the glow of a simple nightlight, surrounding Daddy with our strength and love.  I scratched his back and he said how good it felt.  He patted Debbie as his arm was holding on for support.  Even after he had finally finished with his business, he just wanted to sit there.  It took everything we all 3 had to keep him upright.  I think he just needed to get off his back for a few minutes.  You see, for the most part, his mind is really good.  It’s his worn-out body that doesn’t want to continue on.

We wondered, as this scenario played out, exactly how we were going to get him resettled on his bed.  But we did; actually with minimal effort and then he told us that he felt the best he had felt in a long time!!!  No, there was no miraculous recovery.  He was completely exhausted, but satisfied.  And so were we.

Our conversation turned to heaven and how awesome it will be.  If you read yesterday’s post, then you know he surprised us by singing “Jesus Loves Me” to us.  This morning he surprised us again in true Burnie fashion.  He started praying, thanking God for all He has done for him and us, and asking Him to look out for his girls.  We sat there in amazement, our hearts bursting with thankfulness.  He told God again he is ready to go meet Him. We sat there wondering what would happen next.  He even blew out a big breath, making us wonder if it was his last one.  When it was obvious it wasn’t his last one, Debbie broke the spell by saying “Man, I thought this was going to be like the movies!”  Another priceless memory as we both roared with laughter.  Our next hour was filled with singing and reading and reciting Scripture.  Daddy continued to participate in both.

Isn’t God good?  Only a loving, compassionate, personal Father could take something this hard and turn it into priceless memories.  Daddy assured us he is not afraid.  He knows that he knows that he knows the promises of God are true and that his last breath here will followed by his next one in the presence of Almighty God.

We are so truly blessed.

Lots of love, Sharon (and Debbie)

4 thoughts on “As Hard As This All Is, It Is PRICELESS!

  1. I’m praying for all three of you, Sharon. What a blessing to experience the presence of God as your dad awaits his going home. How reassuring and what a beautiful example he is leaving for his girls. His faith and trust in the Lord are an example to many! God bless you!

  2. I feel truly blessed as I read of these precious last memories with your daddy. God is so good! Our times are in his hands and his time is perfect.

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