Dealing With GRIEF

master a grief

This morning, my sister Debbie’s heart is full and she has penned a few words that I am sharing, with her permission, on my blog. The third paragraph is the true message she wants you to hear.


“GRIEF- a five letter word that carries with it emotions that, at times, can be indescribable. At one time or another we all experience grief. No amount of money can erase it from your life. If you haven’t experienced it yet, just wait, your time is coming.

Seven years ago, in June,  we said goodbye to Mama after she suffered terribly with Alzheimer’s , a disease I would not wish on a single living soul. Then just a few months down the road, we said goodbye to Les, Sharon’s husband, after his struggle with lung cancer. A few years later, Peggy, my mother in law, died of cancer. Then on 9-11-2017, Gwen, my husband’s only sibling, died unexpectedly at the age of 55. As my family gathered around each deathbed, we grieved before their death and have continued to grieve as their passing has left a hole in our hearts.

Now, although our lives have never been the same after the loss of these 4 precious souls, we have not lost hope. Our hope is in Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. He is our strength and our song. He is the One who causes the sun to rise and set. He controls the moon and the stars. He tells the ocean just how far it can come with each daily tide. His mercies are new every morning. His promises are unlike any human can make to us and we are clinging to those promises like a life raft in a turbulent sea.

As Sharon and I watch Daddy get a day closer to Jesus as a result of pulmonary fibrosis, we stand in awe of how great a God we serve. He is, and has been, with us every single step of this journey. We adore our earthly daddy and just can’t thank our Heavenly Father enough for choosing us to be Daddy’s girls. What an honor and a privilege that we can say, Burnie Braxton is our daddy!”


Lots of love, Sharon (and Debbie!)

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