Only this morning did it really hit me just how much this thing we call life is truly a journey.  Sure, I’ve heard that hundreds of times, but a light bulb finally clicked on and things dawned on me I’ve never really thought about before.

Life is a trip.  It covers all kinds of terrain.  Sometimes it moves along easily.  Sometimes there’s a “wreck on the interstate” and we’re stuck for hours, just waiting – perhaps missing out on something we had planned for a long time.  Then there’s the times that we’re actually in the “wreck.”  It may be a fender-bender, but again, it may be a pile-up with serious, even fatal results.

There are times we have to take a detour – that unplanned turn of events.  That’s when we have to “recalculate.”  Some of those detours lead to amazing places we would have never experienced otherwise, while other lead us down scary paths we’d rather avoid.

Just like the trips I’ve taken over the years, life can be fun, yet frustrating.  Some “trips” are long and we never seem to reach our destination.  Some are quick and easy.  Some are uneventful and some are action-packed.  Some go exactly as planned, but some go every way but by the plan.  Sometimes others are along for the ride, but then there’s those times we must go it alone.

The best part of this journey is when we allow God to be our Pilot. 

His GPS knows all the routes our lives will take and He already has a plan. 

Sure, He may ask us to recalculate, but He will still be on the journey with us.

This journey called life is awesome!  Sure, there are tough spots along the way, but the destination will be worth the trip.

Lots of love, Sharon

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