The Fragility of Life

Every single day is a gift.

 Unfortunately, too many of those days we fail to stop and recognize that fact.  Sometimes it takes a sudden jolt to wake us up to notice how precious each day truly is.  This past Friday my family had one of those jolts.  It was completely unexpected and we were totally unprepared.  My brother-in-law’s sister, whom I considered part of my own family, dropped to the floor while making a presentation for work and never regained consciousness.  They had to let her go today.

Gwen was a joy to be around.  Her personality was bubbly and infectious.  She was extremely loved and respected by her coworkers and many friends. She was the youngest of us “older” family members, ran a couple miles every day, and was careful what she ate.  Not a single one of us could have imagined that she would be the first of us to leave.  It doesn’t seem real or even possible.

Let me say this again: Every single day is a gift!!!!

We never know when one of our friends or family members will leave us.  Death shows no partiality.  Rich, poor, male, female, young, or old.  It is important for us to spend time with our loved ones, to check in with them on a regular basis, and tell them just what they mean to us.  Every conversation I have with my dad ends with “I Love You.”  The sad part is that I only started doing that within the last year or so and I’m not so good at saying that to the rest of my loved ones.  That needs to change.  When we peel back all the layers of life, the one thing that is really important is our loved ones.  Family is what makes life worthwhile.  Let’s not waste another day on things that keep us from sharing our love with our family.

I urge you to take a moment and hug those with you right now.  Tell them you love them.  Call the ones you need to call.  Life is so very fragile.  It is a precious gift for which none of us are guaranteed.

To my family and my friends reading this post, I LOVE YOU and I thank God for you.  I also thank God for allowing me to know and love Gwen.  Gwen, we will miss you.  Family gatherings will have a gaping hole where you are supposed to be. So long, sweet friend.

Lots of love, Sharon

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