The Solar Eclipse – Is It A Sign From God?

Tomorrow’s eclipse is all the rage.  The newspaper is full of articles and social media boasts post after post about it.  I’ve seen where some people say this eclipse is a sign from God directed to America.  Well, I sure can’t tell you whether or not that is true.  I do know eclipses have played big roles in important events in history; the crucifixion of Jesus Christ being one.  But eclipses are also just part of the natural order of things.  Bodies in the heavens that orbit are eventually going to cross paths.

There was a solar eclipse when I was a young girl, so I have experienced one.  All I really remember about it is the uneasy feelings I had as we sat in our den in the middle of the day while it became dark.  It was weird and eerie.  That same feeling encompasses me when a dark storm cloud rolls in and turns the day into night.  Should we be afraid?  No.  But it’s easy to fear what we don’t understand.  The darkness of night doesn’t frighten me.  It is the darkness of day that raises the hairs on my arms.

Whether or not the eclipse is a sign from God, I find the symbolism remarkable.  Just as darkness will encompass some of us tomorrow, the darkness of sin is enveloping our nation.  There is unease in darkness and that certainly describes the state of our nation at the present time.  If I didn’t know the promises of God and understand that Jesus is the true Light of the world, I just might crumble to the floor in uncontrollable panic.  But even in the darkness, God is with those who call on Him.  And He is greater than the source of the darkness!!!  And just as the light will re-emerge from behind the shadow of the moon, one day Light will fill every part of the new heavens and new earth.  Until that time, we, as believers, must be light to those around us.  Darkness cannot stand in the presence of light.

Do you have fear because of what you hear and see on the news?  Be comforted by these words from Psalms 37:7 which reads “Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for Him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.”

Things may seem dark for the moment, but patiently rest in Him.  God is at work even in the darkness.  He has a plan and He is still in control regardless of how things may appear.

Lots of love, Sharon


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