Shortening My Bucket List

We rode and rode and rode!  It seemed like we would never get to our destination.  I questioned if it was even worth my time.  Being a lousy traveler– think motion sickness–didn’t help even a little bit.  But we did finally arrive and yes, it was worth it!!!!

My excitement mounted as we drove the two miles from the front gate to what I was so excited to see.  And then, there it was.  The enormity of it was breath-taking.  IT. WAS. HUGE!  To think the original was built over 4,000 years ago was mind-boggling.

Okay, I know I haven’t yet told you what I’m talking about.  It is The Ark Encounter, a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark designed from the dimensions given in the Bible.  I understand that many people do not believe in a worldwide flood, but I do.  Cultures around the world have passed down flood stories even without the benefit of the Bible.

There is not a lot of information in the Bible about the design of the Ark, so the inside is designed based on what is known of the world at that time. Honestly, I have never given much thought to the everyday necessities that would have been needed to live that year inside a ship with over 6,000 animals and only 8 people to attend them.  The Ark Encounter covers every little thing you might ask with ideas of what possibly was done to supply those needs.  It was astounding to see with my own eyes.  Maybe you are like me and have always thought the people of the world in Noah’s time were more caveman-like than a people who were highly intelligent and quite developed in the arts, sciences, construction, etc. That mindset has kept me from appreciating what Noah and his family endured.

The pre-flood world and the post-flood world would have been extremely different.  They went inside the Ark as a few people among many, leaving behind the world they had always known and a year later, found a world with no other people or animals other than those on the Ark; a world that was completely destroyed.  Think about it.  It would have been a barren land.  The weight of the destruction must have been palpable.

Noah’s faith was astounding!  All those years as he built a huge ship on dry land away from the sea when no rain had ever fallen from the sky, he shared with those that questioned and mocked that a time of judgment was coming.  But they didn’t listen.

Just as God kept His promise of that judgment, another judgment is coming.  Yet people don’t listen.  God loves you so much that He sent His Son to die in your place so you wouldn’t have to face eternal death.  Faith in God through Jesus Christ assures you of eternal life.  This is not a head knowledge about Jesus, but a personal relationship with Jesus.  This relationship will manifest itself by the life that you live; a life that reflects obedience to God’s Holy Word.

What does the Ark have to do with Jesus, you may ask?  Just as the Ark was a place of salvation for Noah and his family, Jesus is our Ark.  In Him, we find security from the judgment to come AND from the everyday “floods” that we often find ourselves in.  Do you know the peace of that security?

The Ark Encounter is a worthy trip for believers and non-believers.  It is located in Williamstown, Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati, Ohio.  I highly recommend it as a family trip.  Our children need to be given the opportunity to see the Biblical perspective and decide for themselves.

This world has so many wonderful things to see and I am thankful to be able to mark this one off of my bucket list!

Lots of love, Sharon

(I would love to share more of this experience with you if you have questions)

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