It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over!

Never count a tough man out! Just a few weeks ago,  we were anticipating life without our dad. He was so very low physically and mentally.  He had given up and told 2 different doctors he was ready for the Lord to take him home. He was barely eating and his blood pressure was extremely low. This wasn’t our imagination. I saw the looks on the faces of the medical staff and I heard the words that were spoken. Things simply didn’t look good.

Obviously, it wasn’t his time yet. He has rallied back. Although his BP is still low, he is eating and acting like his old self. His body is slow and weak, but his mind remains as sharp as ever. It takes him quite a bit to get dressed, but he’s doing it on his own.  He even walked to his outside building yesterday, with his walker, of course. He just sat out there until he could rest enough to get back to the house.

He can’t stay alone so my sister and I are taking turns staying with him, along with some hired help, too. People have been kind to bring us meals which have really helped. Daddy has enjoyed all the attention!! We think it has played a vital role in his improvement.  Who doesn’t like to be showered with love and attention!!!!

So we continue on. Some days are easy and some days we struggle with our selfishness.  My sister and I hold up the other one on those days with reminders of why we are doing this and from where our strength comes.

God holds our days and only He knows the number of them. Daddy has proved “it ain’t over til it’s over!”

Lots of love, Sharon


One thought on “It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over!

  1. Such a wonderful report! Yay! Bernie Team!

    My church had been praying for Papa B’s strengthening and I know many others are going the same. God controls everything!


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