Chosen and Truly Blessed

62 years ago today, I began my life outside my mama’s womb in the Army hospital at Ft. Riley, Kansas.  It has been a good life!  God placed me in a home with parents who loved one another and loved me.  We didn’t have a lot of “stuff,” but we always had food in our bellies, clothes on our backs and a warm home.

I thank God for placing me in a family that took me to church where I could come to know the Sovereign Creator God.

I thank Him for parents that lived out their covenant vows to one another.  When Mama died, they had been married 58 years and had done all of the better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health.  Yet they never gave up.  They loved to the very end.

I thank God for a godly husband who allowed Him to deal with his quick temper, showed him how to forgive in some very difficult times and gave him strength to fight against the cancer that ultimately took him away from us at an early age.

The past 10 years have had some really tough times, but it was in these I experienced some of the sweetest times ever with the LORD.  He has been everything He promised – my Rock, my Sustainer, my Abba, my strength, my all.  He has held me close and tightly and allowed me to cry and cry and cry until the tears were exhausted. And He has filled my heart with joy, bringing a smile to my face even when there seemed to be nothing to smile about.  He has never let me down.  He is my dear, sweet, amazing Father and I can’t imagine life without Him.  I thank Him for adopting me into His family.

I am chosen and truly blessed!

Lots of love, Sharon

2 thoughts on “Chosen and Truly Blessed

  1. Sharon, this was so sweet and insightful. I hope your birthday has been filled with happy time with family and friends and that every day of your new year will be filled with unexpected blessings.

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