F Cubed

This morning I joined my daughter and my sister for our annual goodie bake-off. For quite a few years, we have spent at least a half a day working to produce a crazy amount of sweets to divide and share with our friends.  We enjoy being together and it makes it so much more fun when we do it together.

We had all our ingredients spread throughout the kitchen with sugar cookie dough being rolled thin for cutting and chocolate in our own adaptation of double boilers when Stacey reminded us that we needed to be sure to let the children participate in what she aptly named Forced Family Fun.



F to the third power


F Cubed!!!!

It is not a problem for us to let them help, but if you are a parent, you know the kiddos don’t always want to take part.  Sometimes you just have to make them.  Lesley and Timothy enjoy helping with cooking and crafts, but this morning they had the game Ticket To Ride on their mind.

Once they were herded into the kitchen they enjoyed decorating cookies and dipping peanut butter crackers in melted chocolate.  Timothy was so proud of how he placed that M&M right in the center of the dipped cracker.  Lesley was meticulous in making sure each cracker was evenly coated.

After they had done their fill of dipping and sprinkling, they wanted to go back to their game, but we kept them with us a while longer.  As I told them, when they get older they won’t remember that game, but they will remember cooking in the kitchen with their mom, their grandma Sh-sh, and their favorite Aunt Deb.

My point to this blog?  Even if you have to force your family to join in the fun, make memories.  They may not appreciate it today, but one day they will. Thirty years from now when my grandkids are asked to share a memory from their childhood, I hope today will rush to their mind and put a smile on their faces as they talk about the fun to be found in F cubed!

Christmas is the perfect time to make memories.  Plan some Forced Family Fun over the next few days.

Merry Christmas!! And don’t forget Jesus is why we celebrate Christmas.

Lots of love, Sharon


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