Just Some Thoughts

Well, Election Day is finally upon us.  I don’t know about you, but I am thankful it is almost over.  It’s just gets uglier every 4 years.  It breaks my heart to see the division in our nation and it scares me to think about where we are headed.  Every time I feel anxious, I remind myself that God is the true Ruler of this world whether He is acknowledged as that or not.  And one day, EVERY knee WILL bow and EVERY tongue WILL confess that Jesus is Lord.  For those who have welcomed Him into their hearts, this will be an awesome day.  For those who have rejected Him, this will be an awful day. Only God knows the outcome of today’s election (as I am writing this) and He will not be surprised.  And the sun will still come up tomorrow whether the candidates for which you voted are elected.

The only sure thing in our lives is the sovereignty of God.

So rest in Him, not in any elected official.



Smart phones are great!  I enjoy mine.  In fact, I probably enjoy it too much.  It’s convenience causes it to feel indispensable.  As I observe what is happening around me, it seems our phones have become an extension of who we are.  We boast of enormous numbers of “friends,” yet experience a poverty of relationships.  We sit together in a room without really seeing one another because we are glued to our phones.

Friday night, my sister interrupted a download on her IPhone and for almost the next 24 hours, she had a royal mess.  She said she couldn’t sleep and she spent a couple of hours on-line with Apple trying to “fix” the problem.  For her, it was a nightmare.  I give her a hard time about her attachment to her phone and IPad.  Her addiction actually causes me to lay mine down many times so I, too, don’t become an addict.  When we talked on Sunday afternoon, she admitted if we were as addicted to Jesus as we are our phones, this would be a different world.  “That would be a good blog post,” she told me.

Is there anything wrong with us having smart phones?  Of course not.  They can be excellent tools for communication and information.  But just like anything else, they can become our god.  Anything that takes precedent over a relationship with Jesus Christ is our god.  Let’s be careful to keep Him in His proper place.



Recently, I saw a t-shirt on a young man that spoke of obedience being the mark of a true Christian.  Salvation is a free gift, but obedience to God’s Word is proof of that salvation.  I was reared in a legalistic denomination where works had dominion over grace.  It’s wasn’t until my early 40’s that I realized the concept of God’s grace in my Christian walk.  There is such a fine line between grace and obedience.  It is another of the tensions in the Word.  It saddens me to see how people are abusing the grace of God to live in the ways they choose instead of the way He commands.  No, we don’t want to be Pharisees and only interested in following rules, but God does have rules and He expects us to obey them.  He gave His Son to die so His Spirit could live in us and cause us to keep His statutes and His commands.  We are being deceived by the enemy of our souls of the “grayness” of God’s Word.  We believe we can interpret to meet our standards thereby throwing His standards out the door.  And if you or I stand firm on His Word, we are accused of “judging.”  If something is true and I stand firm on it, then that’s not judging.  It’s just simply truth.  Truth hurts sometimes, but it’s still truth.  One of my favorite hymns is “Trust And Obey.”  If we really trust, then we will obey.  Actually, we will want to obey if we understand what it means to trust in Jesus.  Will we get it all right?  Absolutely not!!!!  But that’s when grace kicks in.


Grace is not our license to do what we want to do,

but rather our assurance that when we fail,

we have yet another opportunity to shake the dust off.


Grace is an awesome thing!  Be careful not to abuse it.




Living in two places is not fun.  Half my things are at Daddy’s and half at my house.  Those things I might need at either place travels back and forth in my car.  It’s kinda embarrassing to see inside it.  So many people have been affected by Hurricane Matthew and we all have to wait our turn for the repair folks to get to us.  I admit I cried when on November 1st I was told it would be November 18th before the floor installers could make it.  But I’ve reconciled myself to that date and am trying to make the best of it.  A couple of my neighbors are back in their places but others are still looking at a month or two.  I am somewhere in-between. Over and over, I have wracked my brain as to why I would have to be doing the same work to my house just 7 months from the first time.  No answer has come.  Things happen and many times we have no understanding of them.  Trusting that every thing has a purpose once again becomes the issue.  Sometimes I struggle with trusting.  I bet you do, too.  I do know that this unexpected turn of events in my life has deflected from my mind the heaviness I was feeling over the 5 year anniversary of Les moving in with Jesus.  This is not the way I would have chosen to do that, however!!


Well, I guess that’s about it.  May you have a wonderful day.  May you experience the love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord as never before.  God bless you and God bless America. It is in Him, and only Him, we will find unity and love and grace toward one another.

Lots of love, Sharon



One thought on “Just Some Thoughts

  1. Sharon, I am going to bed.  This election points to our need to pray w/o ceasing. Love you.  


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