How Do You Keep Your Focus?

Almost every morning, without fail, I take my Bible and my devotional books and head to one of my morning spots.  You see, it is a habit I developed quite a while back.  My legalistic upbringing causes me to feel guilty if I skip this time even though I know without a doubt God’s love for me isn’t based on whether I have this morning ritual or not.  🙂

Many days, that is exactly what it is: a ritual.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  There, I’ve said it!!!  Do you, too,  find yourself thinking of other things while reading your Bible?  Is your mind going to all kinds of random things instead of focusing on the One who gave you life and breath?


The sweetest times with the Lord have been when I was facing the hardest things in my life.  I miss those sweet times of communion with Him, but I sure don’t want to have to deal with more of those “hard” things any time soon!

Even as I ask God what is going on in my life that is hindering our time, I struggle to stay focused.  Is this just me or do you find this same issue in your life?  If so,  how do you re-kindle your time with Jesus?  I’d love to hear from you.  Let’s encourage one another.  This world is a mess.  Without a strong relationship with the Lord, we can be sucked into the deceptions that scream loudly and attempt to steal our joy. Jesus said Himself that Mary chose the good part – sitting at the feet of Jesus listening to His Words.  Somehow, I don’t think her mind was on anything but Jesus!  That’s what I want!!!!  How does this Martha become a Mary?  I’m excited to hear from you.

Lots of love, Sharon


4 thoughts on “How Do You Keep Your Focus?

  1. Lord have mercy Sharon. I. Struggl. With. This. Too. I am so glad you shared this and the very detail that you give is EXACTLY me. I get distracted asking God to help me stay focused on Him. Would love to hear what others are doing to make this time with the Lord Jesus filled.

  2. My answer will seem so simplistic, but I would say to cry out to Jesus to draw you close and be willing to sit with Him. We need to “court” God as we would our most desired sweetheart…with all tenderness and passionate anticipation. Make it our goal to please God above our need for “busyness” (bound under satan’s yoke).

    I find a strong encouragement also in time with others who have Christ as their focus and purpose. This, of course, requires fellowship and stepping out of my reclusive tendencies and comfort zone.

    As we extend the invitation to God, the sense of obligation fades and the desire for Him takes over.

    You have all of this!

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  3. A long time ago, I read about placing a chair for Jesus nearby. Just as we’d sit and chat with a friend, we can picture Jesus sitting right there in that chair near us and read the Bible out loud to our best friend in that chair.

  4. Oh , Yes! I’ve had a hard time focusing during this hard season of my life. I have found that reading psalms and uplifting short devotionals help. Listening to beautiful worship music has helped me relax with Jesus and focus on Him.

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