Finding “Good” In Grief

After attending the funeral of a sweet friend’s husband, my sister, Debbie, was overcome with a need to share from her heart some things she observed about this young couple and their short, but special, marriage.  I am honored to welcome her to my blog today.  Please allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through her words.  Lots of love, Sharon


“Seems like we see grief, tragedy, heartache, and brokenness every which way we turn. People are facing realities that seem next to impossible to bear.

In recent days, I attended a funeral service for a young man who loved Jesus, his sweet wife, and precious baby girl. Jesus promises us that He causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) The minister told us during the service that this young man, while still able to communicate, hoped that someone would come to know Jesus through this. There would be no greater “good’ than that.

As I reflect on another aspect of this loss, I can’t help but focus on the marriage covenant that these two shared. They were only married four short years. I never actually met him, but I learned a lot about their marriage through her. They entered into their covenant according to God’s plan for man and wife. That makes them a shining example in this world that seems to have everything in the wrong order. People are living according to their own desires and not what God desires for us. It is my hope that another “good” can be brought forth as a result of this loss. That “good” is for people to wake up and see the total disregard they have for their marriage and that person they made a covenant with before God. I pray that they will see the anguish they are causing their spouse and children. It is NEVER too late to forgive as long as there is breath in us. Life is definitely not fair but Jesus, sinless as He was, died a gruesome death for our forgiveness. That wasn’t fair either.

So please, think about how we are not promised our next breath. Decide today to value and love your spouse and children unconditionally. “Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, to please Him in all respects…” (Col 1:10)

Let this loss be a wakeup call that you answer and make things right today in your marriage.”     Debbie

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