What A Year!

Today is my 61st birthday!  As I look back over this past year, I can hardly believe all that has happened.  On my last day of being 59 years old, I woke up with a ruptured disk in my lower back and had to drag my leg for much of the next 3 months.  My family and friends had planned all these special events to commemorate my 60th and some of those had to be adjusted because of my back issue.  But all-in-all it was a wonderful celebration.  They made me feel so special and loved. In God’s timing, I was finally able to get to the doctor I desired and he did surgery on me the very next day.  The success was immediate and my life was soon back on track.

As you know, I’ve been widowed for over 4 years now and the responsibility of my house and large yard has been tremendous. This summer as I was riding my lawnmower at almost dark, I heard the Lord speak into my spirit and tell me it was time to put that place up for sale and move on to where He would lead.  I was so sure of His voice that I immediately told my family of the decision and contacted a Realtor.  Without repeating previous posts too much, let me say selling a house in my area is normally a long-term event.  And also let me say that God doesn’t always work as quickly in our lives as He did in this situation for me.  This past Wednesday, I finalized the sale of my house.  In 6 1/2 months, I had listed, received a 90 day offer to purchase and closed!!!  Now that is a miracle!

Some of you may scoff at how I credit God for this, but that’s okay.  You don’t have to believe it or agree with me.  But it is true.  I have watched God work in my life this past year in amazing ways.  Has it all been easy?  I would say not!!!!!!  My buyers were extremely demanding, but even in the stress of trying to please them, I saw God’s hand.  I actually wrote a post describing what God taught me through that.  God uses the good and the bad in our lives.  Life would be boring if it was good all the time!

Not only did I sell my house in a short time, but a townhome that checked off every box on my list became available right after I received the offer on my house.  So this past Wednesday, I not only signed the papers to sell my house but also signed the papers to purchase the townhome.  It was quite an eventful day!

Wednesday morning, as I was getting dressed for the appointment with the attorney for the closings, my heart was pounding and the tears trickled down my cheeks.  I was absolutely ready to walk away from my old house, but it was still a really big deal to let go of the place Les and I had built together.  But as I told someone that very day, life goes on and God goes with us.  What I did isn’t what everyone should do, but it was what I was to do.  I believe that with every fiber of my being.

That very morning, God affirmed this plan for me by sovereignly placing this verse in my morning time with Him.  Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  My physical desire is to live in this townhome and my spiritual desire is to heed His voice. He granted me the faith to follow His Spirit’s guidance in this situation and the patience to endure the process.

Do I deserve any of this?  Absolutely not!  Watching God work in my life, healing my heart and showing me how to move forward, has been so humbling.  I look around at my new place and I just praise Him for His goodness and His grace.  Everything I have is a gift from Him.  I didn’t earn it.  God is my Healer, my Provider, my Comforter, my Redeemer, my Savior, and so much more.  I take no credit for any of this.  I give Him 100% of the credit.  He is the worthy One.  He deserves all praise and glory and honor and blessing.

Now I lay this new home in His hands and ask Him to use it and me to bring Him that glory and honor.  May this new home be a place of refuge and comfort to all who enter.  May everyone who walks through my door leave having felt welcomed and loved.

Lots of love, Sharon

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