Embracing The Future

Tonight, I will sleep in my old room at my dad’s; the one Mama let me paint orange for my home economics class project about 45 years ago. (Don’t freak. It hasn’t been orange for a LONG time.) Thus begins a new stage in my life.

Tomorrow the rest of my things, mostly furniture,  will be moved from the house Les and I  built together. Next week, it will belong to someone else.

Today, I managed to squeeze my clothes into a closet my sister didn’t think would ever hold them. If I am able to round up everything I’ve stored all over Daddy’s house, it will be a plumb miracle!

I never dreamed my life would look like this as I prepare to turn 61 in 12 days. Widowed and living with my dad certainly wasn’t in my plan book.  But as Les would say, “It is what it is.”

And ‘what it is’ is good.

God has healed my broken heart and given me joy and peace. He has caused me to be content in my circumstances.  Sure, all this is emotional.  Just this morning,  I felt like throwing up and had to suck back tears more than once. But this decision to downsize is right. It is exactly what I have felt God calling me to do. And His hand has been clearly seen through it all.

One hour after I  sign our house over to someone else, I will purchase my very own townhome.  It is what I have wanted for quite a while.  And after a few renovations, I will once again load up all my stuff and embrace the next phase of my future. Until then, I plan to enjoy this precious time with my dad.

God has promised me a future and a hope and He always keeps His promises. What that future looks like is yet to be revealed,  but I am embracing it in faith and joy.

Lots of love,  Sharon






4 thoughts on “Embracing The Future

  1. Sharon this post tonight blessed my heart. I am so excited for you and can’t wait to hear about and see your new home. I am sure it will be beautiful. Keep on keeping on and see God’s promises unfold. God bless! Maudith

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  2. Sharon,
    I am self-appointed as the “Prez” of your fan club! Your courage in this transition gives hope and encouragement to follow God’s plan. The time with your precious dad will be healing for you both. You will be in safe haven as you venture into the journey God has designed for His amazing daughter with whom He is well-pleased. I love you and thank God for our sisterhood! May He wake you with peace and blessed assurance!

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