Some Christmas Thoughts

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This marks my 24th and final Christmas in this house.  Where did all the time go?  I remember how excited we were to celebrate our first Christmas here.  We had only moved in 2 months prior.  Les loved the decorations of Christmas as much as I still do.  He didn’t, however, help too much with putting them up!!!  That first year, I added a second tree, placing it in my dining room so it would show from the outside.  It was a pencil tree, and I still have it.  Next year, in my new place, I plan to use it again for the first time in quite a while.  I think I know the perfect spot!

As I’ve probably said in a previous post, I didn’t really decorate this year.  Too much to take down in the middle of moving.  When I see a beautiful tree, I second-guess my decision for a moment.  Somehow I think it will just help me enjoy the decorations more next year.  They will seem new and fresh in their new surroundings.

Don’t you just love Christmas music?  There’s not many kinds of music that I don’t enjoy, but there’s just something about Christmas music.  Part of what makes it so special is that the true meaning of the holidays can be loudly proclaimed on the radio and in the stores without too much hoopla.  I love it when I hear “O Holy Night” pouring into the hustle and bustle of shoppers.

Did you see the video on Facebook where the very accomplished violinist played “Hallelujah” in the subway corridor?  Wow!  It was beautiful.  But did you notice that no one seemed to even hear her?  They were too busy rushing to their next appointments and/or staring at their cell phones.  How many times do we miss a blessing because we can’t lay down our phones or whatever has our attention and just listen?  Being the goal-oriented gal I am, I know there have been so many times there has been something I needed to stop and take note of, yet I couldn’t, or rather wouldn’t, vary from my plan to do so.

Earlier today, I heard on the radio news about a place that not too long ago removed a Ten Commandments statue, yet has now voted to allow a Festivus Pole to be erected.  You Seinfeld fans will know what I’m referring to! What has happened to our common sense?

The pastor told this morning that his wife loves gifts; giving them and receiving them.  I could so relate to that.  It is fun to give someone a gift that they are not expecting; to watch their faces light up with joy.  I find lots of pleasure in that.  Those of you who know me well know that I also love to receive gifts.  I’ve always preferred lots of little gifts over 1 larger one.  More to open!!!

Speaking of gifts.  Have you ever thought about how much time and money and effort we spend to find that perfect gift when it’s already been given?  “The greatest gift ever given was a baby born.”  (Jason McKnight)  That’s right.  Jesus is the greatest gift you have ever been given.  God Himself became one of us so He could give His life for our sin.  Wow!  God who isn’t bound by time or space made a very real decision to be bound for us.  He was bound in a womb for 9 months.  He was bound in a human body.  He was bound in swaddling cloths.  He was bound to a cruel cross.  He was bound with grave-clothes. He was bound in a body that experienced death.  And He did it all for each one of us.  Praise God, He rose again to destroy the power of death!!!  Yes, He is the greatest gift ever given.  Have you accepted His gift or is it still sitting there waiting for you?  Don’t turn away.  Your eternity depends on it.  And your present will be changed by it.  Go ahead, take it.  Open it.  Receive it into your heart.  Then live it out every day.

I love Christmas!  I love the sights and sounds and good food and family and friends times.  They are all such an important part of our celebration.  Let’s just be sure we don’t get so wrapped up in all of that and forget why we have Christmas in the first place.  No Christ. No Christmas. Without Him, it really is just a winter holiday.

Lots of love and MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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