Tick-tock, Tick-tock

It has been a long and very costly 2 1/2 months since receiving an offer on my house.  I am extremely grateful for the swiftness of an offer in this economy, but the roller coaster ride it has caused has left me dizzy and sometimes nauseated.

But the ride is almost over!

The clock has slowly ticked down to where there are only days left instead of months.  My house is stripped down almost to the bare bones.  Sometimes I have to dig something out of a box.  Other times, I have to do without because the box is already in storage at my dad’s.  It’s quite interesting just how little it actually takes for us to live.  There just might be a huge lesson wrapped up in that fact!

For the first time in my life, I have no Christmas tree.  There are no candles in my windows either.  Don’t hyperventilate!  I do have some outside decorations and a few little things in my kitchen.  Those of you who know me are probably very shocked since I LOVE Christmas so much. I have actually decorated 2 trees this year though; one at my son-in-law’s pharmacy and my tree is in Daddy’s sun porch.

2015-12-12 05.14.46

Before the new year makes its appearance, I will have come full circle, returning to my dad’s house and sleeping in my old bedroom.  It seems surreal yet right.  Of course it will be an adjustment, but life is a constant adjustment!

In between my regular life and packing boxes for the move, I have almost OD’d on Christmas movies!  No wonder people are so misinformed about the truth of Christmas.  So much emphasis is placed on “believing,” but that belief is placed in the wrong thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  I grew up believing in Santa and if I’m warped, it’s not because of that!  But I also grew up knowing about Jesus and how He is why we even have Christmas to start with.  For those without that knowledge, the media can really distort our minds.  I love the presents and the lights and the food and the festivities, but I love Jesus more.  There is no greater gift than what He has already given us if only we will receive it.

As we count down the days until Christmas and I count down the days until moving, may we find the time to sit quietly and reflect on that Perfect Gift of eternal life with God through His Son Jesus Christ.  Read the Christmas story from the Bible to your children and grandchildren.  Remind them that the true wonder of Christmas isn’t about an elf on a shelf or a man in a red suit, but rather a baby who came to die for each one of us.

My Christmas prayer for you is that you know Him as your Lord and your Savior.  He is the answer to the evil that prevails around us. In Him, I find rest and joy and peace.  May you know that, too.

Lots of love, Sharon


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