Light versus Darkness

Both Friday and yesterday, I was assaulted by words that embarrassed me and made me angry at the same time.  No, none of it was directed at me.  I just happened to be in the same place as them.  Friday’s incident was in a place that should be calm, quiet, and totally relaxing, yet a patron’s boyfriend chose to visit and use a “potty mouth,” as he described it to me when he took the time to notice I was sitting right there hearing it all. It’s interesting that he said he was sorry and then tried to rationalize his actions.

Why is it when we know something is wrong, we make excuses for why we choose to do it anyway?

Yesterday, all I wanted to do was fill my car with gas.  When I pulled up, no one was beside me.  I had been singing with Chris Tomlin on his new Christmas CD, enjoying the words of praise and worship and adoration of the One who came to die for me.  Then, with multiple empty pumps to choose from, a car pulls up next to me with their music blaring.  First, how can they stand it so loud?  They will surely be deaf at an early age.  Second, why would anyone want to listen to such awful, destructive words?

I realize I am naïve and I am so happy to be so, but to think people “enjoy” such smut just astonishes me.  It is no wonder so many young men and women are angry and full of murderous thoughts.  What we listen to does affect us more than we even understand.

God’s Word says we should think on things that are right and pure and honorable and lovely and of good repute. (Philippians 4:8)

Maybe we don’t listen to what I heard yesterday, but what are we watching and reading?  Does it line up with Philippians 4:8?

In our sermon today, we looked at Matthew 11:7-24.  In verses 16-24, Jesus calls “this generation” foolish and stubborn.  This definitely applies to us today.  We think we don’t need Jesus.  We’ve been saturated by doctrinally incorrect teaching either from our pulpits or by the books and movies we enjoy. We seem to think we can live any way we desire and all will be well because of where we live or who we are.

The pastor explained that Jesus called them foolish because they made excuses not to follow Jesus.  What excuses are keeping you from following Him?  He called them stubborn because the King of the universe was right there with them yet they chose not to repent but rather to go about their life as always.

The real eye-opener was when Jesus compared “this generation” to Sodom.   His question to us was “What trouble are we in if we are compared to Sodom and Sodom wins?”

I don’t know how we are to respond at the gas station when the ugly music is blaring at us.  Praying for them is the best I could do (and probably the safest!).  But I do know this world is darkening because we, as believers, aren’t letting our lights shine boldly.  They look at us and see nothing that attracts them to Jesus.

The only cure for darkness is light.

“Who are you? Are you following Jesus into the kingdom or are you like “this generation?”  We don’t have to live on our own.  He’s inviting us to follow Him.  Will we turn or continue to go our own way.” *

If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, don’t hide your light under a bushel.  Set it up high so it can help dispel the darkness.

Lots of love, Sharon

*Jason McKnight, from today’s sermon

One thought on “Light versus Darkness

  1. And we see and hear yet another strong example of the raging illiteracy of our country, not to minimize the spiritual depravity.

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