What Is Your Battle Plan?


A. Battle. Is. Raging.

It is raging in many, many places around the world as hatred drives hatred.

It is raging in our nation as everyday we become a more divided people.

It is raging in the streets of our cities as our young people search for belonging through gangs because they don’t find it at home.

It is raging in our families as they are being destroyed from the inside out by greed, lust, and deception.

And it is raging in our hearts as we do what is right in our own eyes.

And who, or what, is it we are fighting? 

There is an unseen battle going on all around us.  Many people scoff at this but that doesn’t change the fact that it is happening. The devil prowls like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour.  His goal is to kill, steal, and destroy.  He is a liar and the father of lies.  And he likes to deceive us into doing his dirty work.  So we comply by hating and hurting one another when he is the true enemy, not that person you are hating and hurting.


If we are fighting something we can’t see, then how in the world do we do battle?  It is this very issue that most likely keeps us pounding on one another.

This past Friday night, my friend, Jo, and I had the opportunity to view the new film, War Room.  The Kendrick Brothers movies are among my favorites.  No, they may never win Academy Awards, but that’s okay.  What they’re doing wins much bigger awards in my book.

The family portrayed in this movie represents many families in America; living the American dream with the big house, nice cars, striving for the bigger income, all the while falling apart from a lack of time for what really matters – Each Other.

Things start going downhill and we decide we don’t like each other anymore.  The enemy deceives us into thinking the grass is greener with someone else or something else, and another family is broken. We rail against one another and say and do things we can never take back. We destroy, thinking how good we will feel when we do so.  But it doesn’t cure anything.


So, what do we do? 

For starters, we recognize who the real enemy is.  Then we allow God to fight the battle for us.  What He wants us to do is trust Him enough to hand over the battles that rage within us.  He promises to fight those battles.  They are not our responsibility.  Our part of the fight is to daily “put on” the armor of God.

Is this easy?  Heck no!!!!  I, of all people, can account for that.  My flesh rears its ugly head at the smallest of infractions.  But when I come out fighting instead of praying, things usually get worse, not better.

Giving it to God in prayer is always the best way.  Circumstances won’t necessarily get better instantly or even at all in some cases, but knowing Someone else will deal with it brings a peace deep down within our souls.

I don’t know about you, but I could sure use more peace in my life.





Father God, We are so quick to hurt others with our words and our deeds because we view them as an enemy.  Open our eyes to the truth about the real enemy so that we can be properly clothed for the battle that You will fight for us.  Give us courage to let You handle the battles as we stay immersed in Your life-changing Word, which is our only real defensive weapon.  May we trust Your heart and Your hand.  In the mighty and precious name of Jesus, Amen.

Lots of love, Sharon



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