Some Musings

“Love first. Ask questions later.”  This is the premise of Preemptive Love, an organization founded by Jeremy Courtney and his wife.  Their mission is to secure surgery for children in Iraq that are suffering from life-threatening heart conditions.  At the beginning, they had to send the children out of the country for these surgeries, but eventually have been able to bring surgical teams into Iraq.

Reading his book last week, I was blown away by their story of unconditional love for the people of Iraq and what that truly entails.  I can’t even begin to imagine moving my family from Texas into a war-torn country such as Iraq.  Making it even harder to imagine is the fact that the Courtney’s are Christians working inside a mostly Muslim culture.  They aren’t there to proselytize.  They are there to love first and ask questions later.

All I can say is “WOW!”  Think with me how this world would be turned upside down if we as Christians lived everyday this way.  The reason we hesitate is most likely because it wouldn’t be easy.  I struggle as it is to love those that love me back and agree with me on most things.  Loving those that hate me and believe so differently than me is a real step of faith.  But isn’t that exactly what Jesus asks us to do?


My family laughs at my naiveté. I admit I have lived a very sheltered life and I like it!  Growing up in the Bible belt of the United States, it was only the rare neighbor who didn’t attend church on Sunday morning.  In the first grade, we learned to recite the 23rd Psalm.  God was just an accepted part of my world.

With all the social media we have access to today, my world has expanded and I must tell you I am astounded to see some of the posts people write in response to others.  The anti-God sentiments are everywhere.  I had no idea people hated God and those who follow Him so much.  It breaks my heart to see such hatred spewed.


That leads me to another thought.  Believing there is a God comes easy for me.  When I look at all the evidence around me, it just seems right.  It actually takes more “faith” to believe all this was an accident than to believe it was planned by a Creator who loves us and daily sustains us. Every morning, the sun rises and every evening it sets.  It never strays from it’s designed purpose.  The seasons come and the seasons go.  The tides stop at the shore.  The birds fly south for the winter and north for the summer.  That stuff doesn’t “just happen.”  When I look at my grandchildren, how can I believe they just happened?   There is truly no other explanation than a Creator.


When it comes to the truth of God’s Word, there is much disagreement on the interpretation of some issues. Some things we just don’t know for absolute sure, but some things are very clear.  Salvation issues are non-negotiable.  On others we may agree to disagree, but that doesn’t change the fact that somebody is wrong!


The Bible gets a bad rap for being a “man’s” book and many men sway power over women using that as their excuse.  Did you know there are almost 150 women mentioned by name in the Bible?  With that knowledge, it’s obviously a book about mankind, which is men AND women.  God is a God of order, but He loves us all the same, women and men, black and white, rich and poor, slave and free.  We are all called to be witnesses for Him.


Some of you know I have decided to sell my house.  It’s been almost 4 years since Les went home to be with Jesus and I no longer want to keep up with all this yard.  After having back surgery in the spring and with arthritic hands, it’s just more than I need or want.  The housing market is never good in my neck of the woods.  It is a small town with many minimum wage workers. HGTV doesn’t give a good perspective of selling a house here!  I have been fortunate to have a decent amount of activity, but no written offer so far.  Those of you who know me, know I am a “get ‘er done” kind of girl.  Once I make up my mind, I am ready to go, just like my dad.  So this waiting is nerve-wracking to me.  I find myself second-guessing my decision to sell, although I know it is the best thing and the right thing to do.  One good thing has already come from this and that is all the cleaning out that’s been done.  It was way past due!  One day, probably when I least expect it, an offer will come.  Right this minute, I feel a little sad to even think about it.  See, there I go second guessing!!!!


Thanks for letting me share some of the things on my mind.  Feel free to share back if you want.

Hope you have a great rest of the week and a fun-filled Labor Day Weekend!

Lots of love, Sharon

One thought on “Some Musings

  1. Hey There!

    I always love your posts that provoke us to use that sound mind given by God. We have to THINK and yet be sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

    I think that we allow our human tendency to judge become a barrier to serving many times. We rationalize our disobedience to God’s calling by the seemingly illogical framework in the natural.

    God has the buyer for your house! He is pleased that you are making it ready by letting go and trusting Him. As you said, when you least expect it, the buyer will come. Keep that oil in your lamp!

    I am so excited to have you visit for Beth Moore!

    Love you, Sharon Braxton Stanley!

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