Talk About Paying It Forward!!!

2015-01-06 23.52.50

What a day this has been!  My dad asked me to come out to his wheel alignment shop and help him out today as his general manager was having a colonoscopy and would be unable to work.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done that even though I am his bookkeeper.  Fortunately, he lets me do that work from home and he handles the everyday work out there.

You might wonder what I could possibly do to help in a wheel aligning shop?  Well, I answered the phone a few times although Daddy was pretty quick about that.  I ran some errands, wrote a lot of invoices, and talked with the customers.  One of those customers was an 83-year-old gentleman who told me to call him James.  I had to share with James that to get his truck up to par, it would total to $684.03.  It was obvious from the look on his face that the amount was going to be a hardship for him.  Let’s face it, it would be hard for most of us.

While I was writing down the information for him, the couple who had just stopped by to pick up their vehicle came back into the office and asked to speak with James.  He stepped outside with them and when he returned, they came with him.  This complete stranger and his wife paid $580.00 in cash toward my customer’s bill so that he could get his truck repaired today!!!!!  James was only able to pay $100.00.

OH, MY GOSH!!!!  I stood there stunned as I watched this man peel off 29 twenty-dollar bills for someone he didn’t know and will probably never see again.  When they walked out the door, James looked at me and said “I’ve never seen those folks before.”  James had asked them their names, but their reply was that their names didn’t matter.

If you turn on the news or read the paper, you see so much evil.  It is a rare event to hear of something good.  We become hardened to believe there is no longer any good in this world.  But today, I saw firsthand that there are still good-heartened, generous people among us.  Why did they do that?  I have absolutely no idea of their motive, but their humility tells me much about their hearts.  And James?  Well, he had already shared with me a little book he’s written about his life and I know what makes him tick.  It is the love of God through faith in Jesus Christ.  He has spent most of his adult life sharing the good news of salvation to those who will hear.  Am I saying that if we have Jesus in our life someone will show up and pay our auto repair bill?  No.  But I prefer to believe this couple heard the voice of the Holy Spirit speak into their spirits, they responded in sacrificial obedience to that call, and because of that, God revealed His glory and power and majesty to James and me through that couple. AND I get to share it with you!

God is still at work in this world.  His Spirit speaks into our lives as believers, but are we willing to be obedient to what He speaks?  I have to wonder what might happen if, as believers, we would listen intently and act quickly in obedience to His voice.  How might God use us to reveal His glory as we step out in obedience to help others?  Why don’t we just find out?

Lots of love, Sharon

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