Step Out Little Bird: You Were Made To Fly


The bird house in my backyard is in the direct line of sight from my favorite chair on my back porch.  As I sat there this morning, a mama and daddy bird were trying to coax their baby out of the nest.  Although one of the parents flapped its wings incessantly and seemed to be saying “Come on, try it. You can do it,” that baby just sat there.  I could tell he wanted to come out of that little hole that separated him from the comfort and safety of his home and the great big wondrous world he could see.

2015-05-18 10.13.16

He’d work himself out little by little but not fully leaving the nest.  Then he’d back up, finding more comfort where he was.  As he sat there with his head poked out, a parent would bring him a snack.  It’s actually a pretty good situation.  This little one could sit there and see from where he was.  Even his needs were being met by a loving parent.

Safe. Comfortable. Loved.  It could work!

But there’s more out there for you, little bird!  If you don’t make your move, as scary as it seems, you’ll never know the wonder of  flight.  God gave you wings for a purpose and He wants you to use them.  Step out, flap those wings and discover the world around you.  Learn to gather your own worms.  Visit with other birds.  Grow and learn so you can be a vital part of the creation cycle.  Sure, there will be some obstacles to overcome, but the risk is worth the pay-off.

This little bird’s cautiousness reminds me of me.  All my life, I’ve longingly stared at all the opportunities that are available in our world.  Yet fear has kept one foot inside my “nest” where it’s safe.

Fear of what?  Failure? Rejection? Lack of confidence?  Probably some of all these. Plus, I have a PHD in 2nd guessing my decisions.  Is that REALLY what I should do? Maybe I got my signals mixed up.  After all, it’s safe where I am.

I like safe!  Safe is good!

But Peter wouldn’t have known what it was like to walk on water if he’d played it safe.

Another problem is there’s always that chance if I leave my safe place God might actually ask me to do something way outside my box.

Whoa!  Now that’s scary.

Like that little bird, my world is pretty small.  I do admire the risk-takers.  Deep down, I want to be one.  I am thankful God, my Father, hasn’t given up on me to take flight and see what’s out there.

So, step out, little bird.  Don’t be afraid.  You were made to fly!!!

Lots of love, Sharon

PS: I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one fearful of stepping outside their comfort zone.  I’d love to hear from you on this subject!!!!

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