Listening Or Doing It My Way

Have you ever heard of Achan?  Well, he’s a fellow in the book of Joshua who decided he wanted to do things his own

way instead of listening to Joshua’s orders which had come directly from God Himself.  God had told Joshua that they

were to take no spoil when they entered into Jericho.  But Achan saw some things he really liked and decided to take

them anyway.  After all, who would know?  And what did it matter?  No one would be hurt by it!  But it did matter.

This disobedience led to defeat in Ai.  36 soldiers died before the Israelite army retreated.  Joshua was stunned and

pretty upset with God.  Why, Lord?  You promised us this land?  God’s reply: there is sin in this camp.

This sin that seemed wouldn’t hurt anyone else ending up being extremely costly.  In addition to the 36 soldiers, Achan

and his whole family lost their lives because of it.


Sin is always costly!


The even sadder part of this story is that in the very next chapter of the book of Joshua (chpt 8, to be exact), we see that

God tells them they can take the spoil in this victory.  Achan lost everything because he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, wait on

God.  God had a plan.  It involved waiting and trusting.  Achan did neither.


How many times have you and I taken things into our own hands and decided that our plan is better than God’s?

There are no telling the blessings I have missed out on because I wanted to do it my way.  God just wasn’t doing

it quick enough.  Opportunities were being missed.  I needed to move on it before it was too late.


Does this hit a nerve with you, too?  Maybe you’ve gotten in over your head in debt because you didn’t want to

wait until God opened doors for you.  You had to have it now.  Or maybe you’ve compromised your beliefs and

chosen to live with someone outside of marriage because you were afraid no one would want you if you kept waiting.

Or perhaps you’ve let worldly influences infiltrate certain areas of your life because you’re afraid of not being

accepted by the mainstream and to do the “Christian” thing wouldn’t get you where you want to be.


We’re all guilty of trying to control our own destinies, but at what cost?


What if we trusted more and tried to control less?  What blessings might be just around the corner for us that

we’ll never see because we couldn’t wait?  God’s way is always best.  Nothing He asks of us is to punish us or

limit our lives.  He wants only the very best for us.  His Word promises that.


Obedience leads to great blessing if only we will trust His plan.


This is not prosperity teaching.  Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.  A contented heart that swells with

love for God is one of God’s greatest blessings!


Although I am very guilty of getting ahead of God, I am also guilty of over-analyzing everything!  And because

of this, I again miss what God has for me.  In Chapter 9 of Joshua, Joshua and the leaders really screwed up

because they “did not ask counsel of the Lord.”  They let the way things looked make a bad decision that had

far-reaching consequences.


So, what should I do to not get ahead or behind?  I must put everything on the table before God.  I must take

my hands off of it and let Him direct my steps.  That’s hard, you say?  Absolutely!!!!  I am a control freak.

This is huge for me.  But it’s the way that works.  Sure, I may have to wait longer than I’d like and

sometimes I may have to walk away from my desires, but, in the end, it will be worth it all.


Jesus paid it all for me.  I owe my all to Him.  And in faith, through the power of His Holy Spirit, I

can give Him my all.  It is a journey with lots of bumps along the way, but every bump is covered

with mercy and grace and love.  God has promised to complete the work He has begun in me.  That

I definitely trust!!!!


Lots of love, Sharon



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