The Dress


If you have anything to do with social media, then last week you saw “the dress.”  We were supposed

to comment on its color.  It looked gold and white to me, but that is beside the point.  My understanding

is that people have been adamant over the color they perceived the dress to be.


It sure speaks volumes of our times when our perceived color of a dress gets us all up in arms.

Have you thought about this question?


What color is the dress?


You see, the truth is it doesn’t matter what color we “think” or “perceive” the dress to be.

Something I saw said it’s actually blue and black.  As I said earlier, I perceived it to be gold and white.

But it’s not gold and white, it’s blue and black.  That is the fact.


Isn’t that what’s happened to the truth of God’s Word?  Instead of looking at the truth of what the

Word really says, we “think” or “perceive” it to say what we want it to say.  We think we can find more

comfort when it seems to say what we prefer.


Without meaning to sound harsh, it really doesn’t matter what we “think” the Bible says.  It only

matters what it truly says.  And you can’t know that unless you spend time reading and studying it.

It is an awesome book, full of adventures and forgiveness, failures and redemption.  It is a true love

story that was written for you and for me.  You should read it for yourself.  It just might change your life!


Lots of love, Sharon


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