As Was His Custom


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Two things spoke to me this morning as I was reading about Daniel and what led up to his being thrown

into the lion’s den. First was that those who hated him were unable to find anything of which they could accuse

him, so they had to conjure up a scheme with an eager to be worshipped king.  Second was that even though

Daniel knew praying to God would endanger his life, he didn’t flinch at doing exactly as he was accustomed to

doing.  Every single day, 3 times each day, Daniel would kneel toward Jerusalem and pray to Jehovah God.

He had made up his mind as a young man that he would follow God and no one else.  Now, in his old age, he

wasn’t about to stop. Daniel knew God was sovereign and faithful and righteous and true.  He had seen God’s

hand in his life over and over and over. He had lived his life in an obedient manner and always gave time to

Him daily. God was more important to him than life.


Those 21 men standing on a beach dressed in orange jumpsuits faced the lion’s den.  All they had to do was

pledge allegiance to Allah, yet they didn’t.  They stood firm in their faith and allegiance to the one true God

until their very last breath.  I am haunted by the calmness on their faces.  I ask myself if I would be speaking

the name of Christ if I were in that position.  I have asked God to increase my faith to withstand whatever this

life might bring.


Most of us won’t have to face such an atrocity, but life is still a rocky road full of unexpected difficulties.

One phone call, one doctor visit,one wrong decision, and our lives are forever altered.  How will we endure

when we or a family member are told they have stage IV lung cancer? How will we survive on our own when

our spouse dies?  How will we meet our financial obligations when our job is terminated?  How

will we make it?


Let me assure you it will be hard.  I know!  But I also know that God is always ready and willing to be

with us and help us, even carry us when we can no longer walk on our own.  He loves us so much and

He wants us to love Him.  When Les lost his job, then later was diagnosed with cancer which eventually

took his life, I had two choices.  I could continue to run toward God as I had been doing, or I could run away

from Him.  There were days that running away seemed to be the easier choice.  But I had made up my mind earlier

that God would be my life, that I would strive to live as obediently as this fleshy body would let me, and

I would spend time with Him and in His Word where I would find daily strength.  Yes, I argued with Him,

sometimes I even screamed at Him, and He let me.  He held me tight and assured me of His love.

I kept coming back.  Why?  Partly because it was the habit of my life and also because I knew from my

previous time with Him that He is a faithful, loving, righteous, just, and wise Father.


Maybe you’re not facing a difficult time right now.  That’s great.  BUT you will!  Life isn’t easy and it

isn’t fair.  Things happen. When it is our custom to trust God in the good times, we find we can trust

Him in the difficult times as well.  Make the choice to put God first in your life and when you face a

lion’s den, you will know you are not alone.  Yes, it will still be hard.  Yes, there will still be fears that

rise up in you.  Yes, there will probably be tears, but there will also be that peace deep down in your soul that

only comes from an abiding relationship with the Lord.  Do you know Him?  He wants to know you.

You won’t regret it!


Lots of love, Sharon


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