The Closing Bell

Today is the closing day of yet another year.

2014 will soon be but a memory.

Compared to some recent years, this one hasn’t been that eventful for me personally,

but much has and is happening all around this world.

That’s not to say there haven’t been some time-line moments in my life.

There have been.

During 2014, we have had both a not-so-good doctor’s report for Daddy,

and 6 months later, an encouraging report.

Yes, in that order!

The 6 months in-between found me forgetting that God is control of every day of our lives.

We are immortal until God calls us home.

We need to live every day as if it might be our last.

None of us are promised tomorrow.

Speaking of that, our Bible study group has seen 2 of our members

enter into their heavenly reward this year.

One was in the night class.  The other in the day class.

One was a quiet, meek and humble lady.

She was one I depended on quite a bit.

She was a tireless worker, but easily overlooked because of her quiet nature.

Her seat is filled by someone else now, but her memory lingers long.

The other one was quite different.

You knew she was in class!

Probably the best word to describe her would be “unique.”

Our relationship wasn’t always good.

Honestly, she gave me much grief in the early years.

I couldn’t figure out why she kept coming to class when it was obvious

she was having a hard time accepting what we were learning.

But she kept coming!

I look back now and have to say she made me a better teacher of the Word.

As I studied, I would try to anticipate what she would question in class.

This made me delve deeper.

During those days, I didn’t really like her.


She was a thorn in my side.

Her very outspoken and completely unexpected response to our

study of creation just about did me in!

I’ll never forget sharing that incident with a group of Bible study leaders

just a very few days after it had occurred.

I asked them to pray for me and with me for wisdom to deal with her.

God answered those prayers in a mighty way!!!

That fall, she returned to class, but she was different.

Maybe I was different, too.

Her objective didn’t seem to be to nit-pick, but to listen and to learn.

Oh, she still held on to those commentaries of hers with a fierce grip,

but without the intensity of before.

She now used them to add to class rather than what had seemed before to disrupt it.

This woman became a faithful friend,

and avid encourager,

and a pleasure to love.

God grew us both as we struggled together to find common ground.

How I will miss her!!!!!!!!

These past few months have proved to be the pivot point in my grieving process.

Six months ago, I was still struggling.

But one day, I woke up and just felt different.

I still miss Les, but the memories are sweet and without pain.

There will always be a spot in my heart for only him,

but I can say that healing has come.

I’ve learned from my experience with grief that we all do it

in our own way and in our own time.

There is definitely no formula to follow.

God has been with me every step of the way;

the good days, the bad days.

And I thank Him immensely for that knowledge.

The closing bell of 2014 will toll with me home alone recovering from a virus of some kind.

It has been a rough one.

My ribs are sore from the dry heaves of Monday night.

I am ready for some good food and

I’m looking forward to getting out of this house soon.

As you look back at this closing year,

can’t you see God’s hand in the events of your life?

He is always there.

We just fail to notice so much of the time.

It is my prayer that 2015 be a year of renewal of our own hearts

as we seek a deeper relationship with God through Christ Jesus

and revival of our families, our cities, our nation, and even our world.

Lots of love, Sharon

One thought on “The Closing Bell

  1. Strong friendships do not always begin easily, but grow strong roots to support the tree of life. Thank you Sharing a beautiful example of this truth!

    Happy, healthy New Year!!

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