To “Mike,” Wherever You Are

All girls love a little attention;

even we “older” girls.

There has been quite a drought of that kind of attention

in my life since I became a widow 3 years ago.

My dad, however, hasn’t lacked for attention from the “casserole girls.”

They were out and eager even before we could complete Mama’s funeral service!

Watching the women fawn over Daddy has caused many different emotions in me.

Of course, first and foremost is the “step away from my daddy!” emotion.

But I have to admit there has been, and continues to be,

a sense of jealousy over the attention he receives and the lack I receive.

Oh, I know all the answers you might have for me.

“Women are more aggressive than men.”

“Men are afraid of rejection, so they stand back.”

“There are lots of single older women and few older men.”

“There’s just not many available men in your age group.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I know. I know. I know.

But it’s still hard to reconcile it all in my brain.

My almost 85-year-old dad has to beat the women off with a stick

and my stick pile never even fluctuates!

It’s tough on a girl’s ego and self-worth.

[The Bible study teacher in me wants to trail off and

talk about how our worth is in Christ alone.

Even though that is the absolute truth , I’ll save that for another post.]

So, that makes my encounter with “Mike” a big deal to me.

Some of you read on Facebook how I got majorly hit on this past week.

Have you ever walked away from a situation and wondered if that person just flirted with you?

Well, I didn’t have to wonder about this one!

It was pretty obvious.

And guess what?


A chance encounter (or was it?) when purchasing gas.

Two people walking up to a store door at the same time.

Who knew?

It was the last thing I expected.

Yet this guy made me feel special and attractive.

I know nothing about him except his name is Mike.

He knows only vague things about me.

(You have to be careful, you know.)

His conversation with me brought laughter and warmth in my heart.

It reminded me that someone might actually find me attractive.

It was like a dose of good medicine for my soul.

This ol’ girl is only days from a big birthday; a new decade.

 Mike’s timing was perfect.

So, Mike, wherever you are out there, thank you.

Thank you for holding the door for me.

Thank you for showing interest in me.

Thank you for boldly pursuing a conversation in a convenience store line.

Thank you for making me feel beautiful and desirable.

Thank you for letting me have that little pit-a-pat in my heart once again.

Thank you for touching the “girl” in me.

You made my week!!!!

Lots of love, Sharon

2 thoughts on “To “Mike,” Wherever You Are

  1. Sharon this post made me smile. I have more response to you, but I have to go out of town this morning for an appointment, but I will touch base with later. I love you Girl!

    Have a blessed day!



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