Grace – Revisited

 Lots of water has passed under the bridge since I wrote the following post on our

site not too long after Les was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer.

It seems like a good time to share it with my blog friends.

Somebody out there needs to hear these word of assurance of God’s amazing and always sufficient grace


 Your worth is not measured by the value given to you by people who don't even know you. Your grace comes from God's love.



Nov 13, 2010 7:38am

One of the most frequent things I’ve been able to share with people since
learning of Les’s illness is God’s amazing grace.
We know it’s there, but some days we just aren’t convinced it will be enough for what we are facing.
Somewhere along the way we’ve come to believe that God gives us a storehouse of grace
so we can pull out what we need when we need it.
But that’s not how it works!!!
We never have any “on the shelf.”
As we step out each moment, God provides just the exact
right amount of grace that is needed for that very moment. 
A couple of days ago I had a devotional that talked about God’s power in our circumstances.
Think about this:
“The more challenging your day, the more of My Power I place at your disposal.” 
(Jesus Calling, Sarah Young)


You see, God already knows what our day will be like and

He is not surprised by anything that happens. 


His grace, His power, is given according to our circumstances,

but also according to OUR WILLINGNESS to depend on Him for help.


So, instead of getting all bent out of shape when difficulties come our way,

wouldn’t it be better if we could see them as opportunities to experience more of His grace and His power?


Are you willing to depend on Him?


It is in this dependence that we come to understand His grace is truly amazing!!!


Love to you all, Sharon


One thought on “Grace – Revisited

  1. In looking back at difficult times, we are reminded again of Who is in control
    & from where our strength & hope for today & tomorrow comes. Circumstances we could never imagine being placed in happen & become a part of all of the days of our life. God keeps His promises & gives us just the right kind of GRACE to carry on as His followers. There is always change in our lives but one thing will never change & that is God, Our Father! Thanks be to God for His abundant LOVE & GRACE in our lives!

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