How God’s Heart Must Break


That’s what my family calls me.

And that’s okay with me.

I actually expect people to do as they’ve promised.

That’s just how I am.

It hurts me to the quick to see severed vows and broken promises.

It crushes my spirit to see the pain we inflict on our families.

I am embarrassed that “believers” can’t be distinguished from those who simply don’t believe.

We accept, and participate in, behaviors once frowned upon and

proudly post it on social media.

Our “friends” eagerly “LIKE” it without a tinge of guilt.

To ease any prick of our consciences, we search out a spiritual advisor

who tickles our ears and tells us our sin is okay.

We post that on social media, too.

After all, if a pastor said it, it must be truth!

How it must break God’s heart.

Our God is merciful and righteous and just.

His grace is never-ending.

But His grace isn’t to be stomped on.

It is true that God sets boundaries for us to live within

and they are different than what the world suggests.

The beautiful thing about His boundaries is they are for our very best.

None of them are to hurt us or make our life miserable.

He only wants His highest for us.

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus calls the Pharisees hypocrites.

The Pharisees were the spiritual leaders of that day.

They were well-educated, well-loved, respected men the Jewish people depended upon.

When they had questions or problems, it was they whom they sought out.

So why did Jesus call them hypocrites?

They looked “religious” and “pious” on the outside,

but inside, their hearts were darkened by a lack of repentance.

It was important to them to look good before other people.

And they did.

The people didn’t see them as the hypocrites Jesus proclaimed them to be.

The problem was they didn’t remember the importance of a clean heart before God

and since God sees the heart, He could make this proclamation.

We’ve gone one better today.

We claim clean hearts before God but our actions and deeds belie that claim.

We don’t even pretend anymore.

(Not that I’m saying we should!)

We blatantly disobey God’s Word and find justification for it.

We proudly announce it for all the world to see.

We abuse His grace as an excuse to do as we please.

How it must break God’s heart.

2014-11-09 09.33.12

God gave His only Son to die for us, to exchange our sin nature for His righteousness.

The price was high!


God was willing to give His Son to pay our sin debt so we could have a relationship with Him.

And in that relationship, He calls us to be holy as He is holy.

As believers, we represent Christ.

It is His reputation that is affected by our actions.

How it must break God’s heart to watch us.

Oh, may we search our hearts.

May we cry out to God to break our hearts with the things that breaks His.

May we be boldly willing to live within His boundaries

as we seek to reflect His Son’s love and grace and mercy;

love that is boundless,

grace that is unending,

and mercy that is new every morning.

He is faithful.

May He find us faithful, too.

Lots of love, Sharon

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