You Want Me To Do WHAT????

2014-10-10 20.10.17

In our study of the Book of Luke, we looked at chapter 6 this week.

Let me tell you, it was VERY convicting!

I’m not surprised at how upset those scribes and Pharisees got at Jesus.

After all, the things He taught were definitely different from what folks were used to.

Do you know Jesus had the nerve to teach that we are to love our enemies!!

Our enemies, mind you.

Jesus wants us to love our enemies,

do good to those who hate us,

bless those who curse us,

and pray for those who mistreat us.

He even wants us to turn the other cheek

and give our shirt to the person who takes our coat.

Then He gets all up in the giving thing.

We are to give without expecting anything in return.

Just to make sure we didn’t miss His point,

Jesus explains this loving, doing good, and giving thing.

He said if we love those who love us back,

what’s the big deal.

After all, the heathens do that!

If we do good to those who will do good back to us, so what.

Everybody does that.

And if we give to receive back, bully on us.

I see those things as easy.

It’s what comes natural to all of us, believers or non-believers.

Jesus shook things up when He came.

The status quo just wasn’t going to work anymore.

So He called us to a HARD LOVE!

It’s hard for us to love our enemies

and do good to those who hate us.

But, as believers, that is our calling.

We are to love others, yes, even our enemies, as Jesus loves us.

It is called agape love

and that is an unconditional, sacrificial love.

It’s not a feeling or emotion.

It’s a choice of the will.

It is how God loves us.

Love without strings.

Love that loves even when we don’t receive love back.

But how can we, in our flesh, do that, you may be asking?

Honestly, we can’t.

But the Holy Spirit in us can

and He will if we step out in faith.

We choose to be obedient to His call to love

and He loves through us.

Yes, it is a hard love.

But it is a love that reveals our hearts

and brings glory to God the Father.

And that, my dear friends, is why we’re here.

To bring Him glory.

Lots of love, Sharon

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