What Others See

 If you are like me, you dislike having your picture made.

You know they (whoever “they” are) say that pictures don’t lie.

Well, I truly hope they do lie because I usually don’t like what I see.

For some reason, I can get all gussied up in front of my bathroom mirror

and actually feel pretty good about myself.

But once I move from that mirror or if I have a picture taken,

the person I just left in my mirror has disappeared.

My eyelashes looked full and long.

What happened?

That aggravating redness on my cheeks and nose seemed well covered.


The wrinkles weren’t too bad.

Who was I kidding!?!?

Frankly, it’s discouraging.

2014-09-11 06.49.19

This made me think about how we see ourselves versus how others see us.

It’s real easy to critique others, isn’t it?

There’s something tantalizing about finding fault in someone else

because it allows us to feel a bit better about ourselves.

You know it’s true.

Do you ever wonder how others see you?

I do.

Do they see the “me” in my bathroom mirror

or the “me” once I leave it?

Did you know that when we receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior,

He clothes us with His robe of righteousness?

Yep, it’s true.

There was an exchange.

Jesus became a man so He could take on my sin

and give me His righteousness.

Pretty good deal, wouldn’t you say?

So, when God the Father looks at me,

He doesn’t see the rottenness that permeates through me.

He sees Jesus!


God sees Jesus when He looks at me because I have been clothed by Him.

That totally rocks!!

But who do others see when they look at me?

Do I reflect the one who died for me

or am I fooling myself there too?

Do I shine with the light and joy of a relationship with Jesus

or am I hanging on to the selfishness of my flesh?

Honestly, the answer is yes to both parts.

(at least I believe I sometimes shine for Jesus!)

I am a slow learner


very, very grateful for God’s amazing grace that is readily available

for those times I reflect me and not Him.

My salvation is complete.

My sanctification (my growing in Christ) is in process.

But I do pray that people see Jesus in me.

Not for me, but for Him.

Jesus paid it all.

All to Him I owe.

His love, mercy and grace are available for you, too.

He would love to exchange your sin for His robe of righteousness.

Then God will see Jesus when He looks at you, too!

And you can begin to live for Jesus and others will see Him in you.

Lots of love, Sharon

2 thoughts on “What Others See

  1. Thank God that He looks on the inside…but then again, I don’t offer a pretty portrAit there many times.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Sharon, I LOVE your new “do”. It looks great on you and I think you look wonderful. Get ready, God’s got big plans for you!!!

    Love you


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