Another Adventure

Recently I shared with you the day trip we made to some of the coastal places

we have spent time at over the years.

It was important to Daddy for us to do that.

As I told in that post, he is slowing down and recognizes he is nearing the end of his earthly life.

In that vein, I asked him a couple weeks ago what he really wanted to do.

You know, the “bucket list.”

Of course, I didn’t use that phrase with him.

Although we all know there will be a end to this life on earth,

it is really not something we like to discuss, is it?

Well, Daddy gave a short list of 2 things he’d like to do in the travel category.

One was to go to the mountains.

The other to visit his sister in Summerville, SC.

My sister and I told him we’d see that both were done.

The mountain trip promise has been fulfilled.

One of the greatest memories from our first trip to the mountains as teenagers

was eating at the Daniel Boone Restaurant in Boone, NC.

So, on Sunday, after arriving in Boone, we headed there.

2014-09-07 18.54.062014-09-07 18.53.54

To my sister and I, it doesn’t hold the awe of our first experience eating there,

but Daddy never tires of it.

Honestly, I believe he would have been satisfied to just eat there and come home.

To Daddy, that IS a trip to the mountains!

Our time was limited due to family responsibilities at home

and the weather wasn’t that great,

so we didn’t get to see and do very much.

But that was okay with Daddy.

He told us over and over how much fun he was having.

I think it was more about the three of us being together than about the mountains.

And isn’t that what family is truly about?

It’s about being together.

I loved that Les and I could just be in the same room and never have to say a word.

We were together.

That was all that mattered.

Even with the low clouds and light drizzle,

we still experienced the majesty of God’s creation.

We even went down memory lane with a visit to Mt. Airy,

the hometown of Andy Griffith.

Now, that city has found their niche with the Mayberry theme!


My favorite visit of the trip was to a small Episcopal church in West Jefferson

where they house 3 of the 4 frescoes painted by NC native Ben Long.

The church was very small and off the beaten path.

We really didn’t expect much when we parked and entered the church.

No one else was there.

When I opened the sanctuary door and peeked toward the front of the chapel,

my breath was sucked from my chest.

Life-sized frescoes of a pregnant Mary,

the wild-looking John the Baptist

and Jesus on the cross, yet alive,

stood there inviting us into the story of God’s amazing grace.

 2014-09-08 09.39.45 2014-09-08 09.40.06

2014-09-08 09.41.552014-09-08 09.42.06

2014-09-08 09.41.41

A soft, gentle voice spoke to us from a recording

and shared the story of the frescoes.

He led us into a time of pure worship.

Looking at those 3 and how their lives have affected mine was moving.

Mary, without argument, accepted the difficult task of birthing and rearing the very Son of God.

John’s whole purpose was to prepare the way for Jesus to begin His own ministry.

John was willing to decrease so that Jesus might increase.

And Jesus.

What can I say?

God became flesh and dwelt among us.

Jesus became the sacrificial Lamb that satisfied the sin debt owed to God.

Because of Jesus, I have life and that life is abundant!

It really made me ask myself how willing I am to heed God’s call regardless of it’s difficulty,

am I decreasing so that Jesus might increase in me,

and am I sharing God’s story with others.

Lots to ponder.

The trip was quick and tiring.

Daddy was worn out, but happy.

My sister and I were exhausted, but fulfilled.

New memories were made.

Precious time was spent.

A promise was kept.

It. Was. Good.

It. Is. Well.

Lots of love, Sharon

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