In But A Moment

Last night, another of God’s children entered into her eternal home. Ruby is now with Jesus, seeing Him face to face. My heart is sad, yet rejoicing. Sad because she is no longer with us. Rejoicing because she has reached the goal of every true believer in Christ Jesus. “we are of good courage, I … More In But A Moment

Being Still

Of late, I’ve felt a bit dry in my spiritual life. Oh, I still get up every morning and open my Bible, but it has been more out of habit than true desire. Do you ever get like that? I know God is still in the exact same place – seated on His throne – … More Being Still

What Others See

 If you are like me, you dislike having your picture made. You know they (whoever “they” are) say that pictures don’t lie. Well, I truly hope they do lie because I usually don’t like what I see. For some reason, I can get all gussied up in front of my bathroom mirror and actually feel … More What Others See

Another Adventure

Recently I shared with you the day trip we made to some of the coastal places we have spent time at over the years. It was important to Daddy for us to do that. As I told in that post, he is slowing down and recognizes he is nearing the end of his earthly life. In … More Another Adventure