A Glorious Day!

These past two mornings have been glorious! Perfectly blue skies, a cool temperature, and a gentle breeze. There is that slight feel of autumn in the air. What a nice reprieve from the normal dog days of August. As I think of creation and its workings, I am astonished that people deny the existence of … More A Glorious Day!

Firmly Planted

The ocean was beautifully calm. Even the normal tug of the receding waves was nearly nil. My sister and I stood guard over a fearless four-year old and his older, more timid sister as they waited for a wave big enough to push them on their boogie boards for the short ride to the shore. … More Firmly Planted

Behind Closed Doors

The death of Robin Williams is very sad. “Mork and Mindy” was one of my favorite weekly TV shows back in the day. How many laughs we have had because of this one man. He seemed to have what many people so long for – success. At least that’s how it looked from our side … More Behind Closed Doors