Simple Pleasures

Our dad is 84

and his body is slowing down.

My sister and I spend as much time with him as we can.

We are blessed to live near him and each other.

Every July, the week following the 4th,

Daddy closes down his business for he and his employees to have a much-needed vacation.

This has allowed us to have uninterrupted time together at the beach.

We all love being at the beach house.

I could always see Les relax as we crossed the bridge over onto the island.

There is something about the water and sand that settles the soul.

The beauty of God’s creation seems to explode all around us.

Maybe it is just that we take the time to notice more when we’re here.

Although we have done some yard work

and odd jobs around the house,

we’ve also been on the boat, cooked on the grill,

ridden the golf cart,


and eaten in a few of our favorite restaurants.

Yesterday, two of our friends came for the day.

Daddy was outnumbered with four women!!

To say the least, there was a lot of talking and laughter.

We went out on the boat, but it was pretty rough,

so we had to stay close in.

Daddy fished a little

and we 4 girls waded up to a marshy shoreline

where my sister snagged a few shells.

When we returned to the boat,

my sister’s friend decided she wanted to be pulled by the boat.

All we had was a rope.

No board.

No skis.


I thought she was out of her mind!!!

But Daddy threw the rope out to her

and she leaned back on her life jacket

and held on tightly.

The boat was barely moving.

We watched and waited for her to say she’d had enough.

We laughed

and we laughed

and we laughed!

It was quite a show.

One more thing off her “bucket list!”

As we maneuvered back to the marina in the rough waters,

I sat beside Daddy to try to avoid all the water splashing into the boat.

He was still laughing.

He said, “This was one of the best days I’ve ever had.”

He wasn’t even keen on taking us out on the boat,

yet it turned out to be a top day for him.

It was a simple pleasure.

A time of laughter and joy.

Tonight, I heard him tell my aunt on the telephone

that it had been a “wonderful” week so far.

Wonderful because he is with his 2 girls,

enjoying just being together.

That truly is one of life’s simple pleasures

and I thank God for this time.

Every single day is a gift.

Use each one to its fullest.

None of us are promised tomorrow.

Lots of love, Sharon

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