Ah! Sweet Corn and Sweet Memories

Ah!  Sweet Corn.

One of those special delights of summer.

Today I “fixed” corn, as we like to say here in my neck of the woods.

It was from the farm to the freezer for me.

A family friend gives me sweet corn every summer.

So yesterday I made my way to their farm and their sweet corn patch.

Yes, I pulled the ears myself.

The worse part was lugging them to my vehicle.

I came home and chopped off the ends and then shucked and removed the silks,

at least most of them.

2014-06-30 09.37.00

This morning, I blanched the ears to make the removal of the kernels easier.

2014-06-30 09.37.12

After it cooled, I then began the process of cutting the corn off the cobs.

That process is definitely a lot easier with my trusty corn contraption!

2014-06-30 09.37.23

Just scrape the ear down the channel

and voila!

As I stood at my kitchen sink doing this over and over,

so many sweet memories of “fixing” corn with my Mama came to my mind.

She always scraped all around the cob an extra time to

harvest the “milk” in the cob.

I could see her doing that.

I also remembered 3 summers ago when Les and Daddy stood where I stood this morning

and assisted me with that year’s corn.

I was having a really hard time with my hands so I needed the help.

Little did I know it would be the last summer corn Les would help prepare.

We were quite the pitiful crew.

But, that aside, we were determined.

So together, the 3 of us accomplished our goal.

My hands still give me trouble.

They ache tonight from all the pulling and shucking and scraping.

But I took it slow and with a some help yesterday from my dear friend, Jo,

I can retire tonight with this year’s sweet corn “fixing” accomplished.

2014-06-30 15.43.54

Working together to freeze and can vegetables used to be a way for life.

Although it is hard work,

I believe we are missing the making of so many sweet memories.

We lose that time of visiting as we shuck or shell or cut or package.

The conversation may not have been highly academic,

but we were together, as a family,

doing life.

Today, my heart ached as I thought of Les and Mama,

but the memories were sweet

just like the corn!

2 thoughts on “Ah! Sweet Corn and Sweet Memories

  1. I know what you mean, Sharon. I am going to my brothers on Thursday (if the storm doesn’t come) and my sister is coming and we are going to do 12 bushels of corn. It is hard to do it without Mama, but it means so much for us to carry on this tradition. But, it is HARD work, no matter how you shake it or how much fun you have!!! Sure tastes good in the winter with that turkey and dressing meal!!

    Love you and I enjoy your posts. Stacey has a new baby (Claire) (2months old) so my time is limited to the fact that I sometimes don’t have much computer time.

    Your flowers and yard on beautiful! Les would be so proud of you that you have kept your home and yard so beautiful.

    Keep the faith…..always think of me when you wonder what God has planned for you. I never in my wildest dreams thought God would be so gracious to me and send me such a wonderful husband, especially since I had failed miserably with the last one. But He has a plan, Sharon, and He will deliver that plan in His time. So wait patiently and rest in His love….He is truly an awesome God.

    Have a blessed day.

    Love you,



    1. Love your Sweet Corn Memories!!! Great “how-to” story and pictures to explain a great family tradition for so many of us from our neck of the woods. Precious Memories!…

      Love & Prayers, Chris

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