Let’s Talk About Hair!


Some people have a lot.

Some people lack in that department.

I am one of those with loads of hair.

It is coarse and thick and, in the right weather,

I can have “big” hair!

As I think back over my life,

I have had so many different hairstyles

I can’t even begin to number them.

There was the cute little pixie for me to start the first grade.

Although I don’t really remember,

it had to be traumatic since my hair was quite long before that.

Of course, there was the “permanent” days.

Not of my choosing, I assure you.

Why do moms, myself included, always think we know best about our children’s hair?

When I graduated high school, my hair was pretty long;

long enough I could actually iron it on the ironing board

to get that sleek look of the early 70’s.

We didn’t have the fancy flatirons that are available now.

A girl has to do what a girl has to do, right?

My wedding pics show long hair.

But right before becoming a mom, I cut it off.

Thus continued the cycle of short and long, long and short.

For at least the past 7 years,

my hair has been in some sort of bob.

Short bobs.

Long bobs.

Gray bobs.

Dyed bobs.

Get the picture?

When it comes to my hair,

I am not afraid to change.

However, the time the stylist left it orange was a bit much!!!!

Les always said no one had to be gray unless they chose that.

I tried the gray thing.

Got tired of it real fast.

I have really loved the bob style, especially when stacked in the back.

But, as with all other things, it has come to an end.

A few weeks ago, I had the bob cut off.

It wasn’t too drastic apparently since I had to tell my family I’d had my hair cut!!!

But every time I walked past the mirror, I had to stop to see who was there.

It turned out to be a real difficult style

so I returned last week and after about an hour of trimming here

and trimming there,

I now have a SHORT hairdo.

My daddy said “Got your hair fancied up, didn’t you?”

Not sure exactly if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

Stacey said she’s actually received 2 texts from folks telling her how much they like her mom’s hair.

Go figure!

Are you one of those people who still have your high school hair style

although you’re now drawing social security

or pretty close to it????

That just cracks me up.

I can’t imagine not changing my hair.

There are so many things in life we can’t control.

Our hair isn’t one of those.

(Of course, unless you’re bald like Les was and that changes the whole story!)

Do you know what I love about my hair?

It grows back!!!

If I’m not happy with my style,

in a few weeks I can change it!

So, right now, it’s short.

Easy to shampoo.

Easy to style.

I just wash it and go.

Now if only losing weight and getting rid of wrinkles was that easy!!!!!!!

2014-06-22 10.22.53

Lots of love, Sharon

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