My Daddy

For all of you who think you have the best daddy in the world,

I have just one thing to say.


You thought I was going to say that MY  daddy is the world’s best,

didn’t you?

Here’s the deal, guys.

All of us who are blessed enough to have dads who have

loved us

and nurtured us

and protected us

and provided for us,

are all able to say ours is the world’s best.

Unfortunately, not everyone can say that.

Some dads have just simply not stepped up to the plate.

That is their loss, for sure.

Let me tell you a little about my dad.

Even at 84 and with health issues, he is quite a go-getter.

And he definitely cleans up well!!!

My granddad died when Daddy was only 9 years old.

He, his mom and 6 siblings were left to fend for themselves.

It was a much different time than it is today.

A widow didn’t have much of anything to fall back on.

There were 2 younger than Daddy and times were tough.

Many nights his supper would consist of biscuits and molasses.

They got by, but it was hard.

Daddy said the only thing he liked about school was recess!

So he cut his school days short and went to work.

Apparently, finding work back in those days was easy

because Daddy has worked at least a week or maybe two in almost

every place in this town!

If something didn’t suit his fancy, he’d just quit and go somewhere else.

That’s pretty much how he operated until Uncle Sam decided he needed Daddy.

A couple years in the US Army turned a hot-headed, skinny,  6 ft, 1 inch boy

into a calmer, 220 pound man.

59 years ago this very day

(June 15th  — which is also Father’s Day this year)

Daddy began what has been his life-long career in the wheel aligning business.

He, Mama and myself (at 5 months old) had just returned home a few days prior.

Mr. Bob Poovey had promised Daddy a job after his stint in the service

and he was as good as his word.

At Mr. Poovey’s death, Daddy and a co-worker bought the business

and when I was 12, Daddy became the sole owner.

My sister and I are now officers in that same business!

Daddy worked hard.

He still does, at least as much as his breathing will accommodate.

My dad is not an educated man.

But he is one of the smartest men I know.

All smarts don’t come out of a book.

We didn’t have much, in the world’s accounting of much, as my sister and I were growing up,

but we didn’t know that.

What we did have was worth more than any amount of money could buy!!!!

Our parents loved us

and they loved each other.

They weren’t perfect and there were times of strain,

but they understood their covenant commitment to one another

and they kept it.

They were a good example for both my sister and myself.

I know what they fed into my life made a difference in my marriage commitment.

Not having any brothers, and me being the oldest,

I was Daddy’s boy.

Because of that, and the fact money was tight,

there isn’t much I haven’t done through the years.

Daddy worked me just like a boy.

Sometimes I had to remind him I was a girl and couldn’t hold out.

We still laugh about that very thing on the day he and I built a pier.

Yes, just Daddy and me!

I look back now and see that God was preparing me

for this time of widowhood that He knew was coming.

Being able to do so many things has really made my situation easier.

Going back to my parents’ commitment to one another:

Daddy stood beside Mama through some horrible times.

Alzheimers wracked her mind and ultimately her body.

She wasn’t at all the woman he had married and grown old with.

It is said we most hurt the ones we love

and that is exactly what Mama did to Daddy.

She couldn’t help it, but it didn’t keep it from hurting.

But Daddy stood firm.

He loved her all the way to the very last breath.

He honored her when she could no longer honor him.

His was a true example of unconditional love.

That, too, spoke multitudes into our lives.

Daddy and I became widowed in the same year,

only 5 months apart.

It was a very hard year!

As he grieved for his wife of 58 years,

he watched my husband of 36 years succumb to that hateful disease called cancer.

Daddy has stood beside me.

He is my right hand.

He is my knight.

Yes, sometimes he makes me want to pull out every hair on my head,

but I love him so much.

I don’t believe any little girl has ever been more blessed than I have.

All I have to do is ask and it is done.

He hurts along with me

and pats my hand

and tells me it will be okay.

Daddy and I have spent so much time together in our shared widowhood

that some people, who don’t know we’re father and daughter,

think we’re a couple!

And that’s okay because we are a couple;

a couple of people walking out life together.

Life is short and life is fragile.

We all know that, or at least we should.

Because of that,

 I am going to continue to spend as much time with Daddy as I can.

I am still going to give him projects to help me with.

I am still going to “nag” him as he says I do.

And I am still going to love him.

I thank God for my daddy.

I thank my daddy for being a man of God

and for the example he has set for us.

Daddy with my sister, Debbie and her son, Will, as we celebrated Father's Day 2014
Daddy with my sister, Debbie and her son, Will, as we celebrated Father’s Day 2014


Every day is going to be Father’s Day for me from here on out!

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

All my love, your oldest little girl, Sharon

2 thoughts on “My Daddy

  1. There is no better than Papa Bernie! Glad you had such a wonderful day and believe me, I would give up any degree to have the wisdom this “young” man has! Thanks for sharing him, Sharon and Debbie! Love you!

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