Our Comfort Zone

2014-06-06 10.11.01


Behind my house is a wheat field.

Before the wheat got so high, I could see deer creep out of the woods

and nibble the tender shoots while staying close by the safety of those woods.

Last week, on two different occasions,

I spotted two little ears just barely sticking out above the wheat.

But this time, this little fellow was on my end of the wheat field!

Ever so often this little head would pop up and search out the surroundings,

then it would disappear back down into the wheat.

I assumed he was snacking.

Although he kept checking out the big world outside of the wheat field,

he never came any closer.

The safety of the wheat field held him there.

As I watched and thought about this deer’s actions,

the Spirit spoke into my mind just how much I am like this little deer.

There is a great big world out there

and it is calling me to enter it.

There are many, many hurting, hungry, sick, and lonely people

who need the touch of someone who truly cares.

There as so many lost people who, whether they recognize it or not,

desperately need to hear about God’s love and saving grace.

Am I hiding in the comfort of my “wheat field?”

Stepping out in obedience to the Great Commission of going into

all the world and sharing the Gospel

requires me to do more than peer out at the world.

I must step beyond my comfort zone.

Honestly, that frightens me!

What is beyond my place of safety?

What will God ask me to do?

Where will He ask me to go?

What will I have to give up to do it?

Let’s be real honest here.

The vast majority of us are okay with staying right where we are,

snug and warm and safe.

But what if Jesus had chosen to stay where it was “safe” for Him?

He gave up everything!

And He did it for me and for you!

It is time we all quit making excuses and follow God’s call.

The fields are white, but the workers are few.

What can and will you do today to further the kingdom of God?

It could be as simple as a smile and a kind word to someone who looks different than you.

Or maybe you’ve known for a while that God is calling you to something much bigger.

Perhaps this  is the day to surrender to Him and step out of the safety of your comfort zone.

God will never ask us to do something that He will not be a part of.

We can do ALL things through the strength of Jesus Christ, our Lord and our Redeemer.

Lots of love, Sharon


One thought on “Our Comfort Zone

  1. Thanks, Sharon for such insight and tender encouragement! God has shown me His love in so many ways this week…just day-to-day reassurance that He is there and that best of all, He loves me not because of who I am, but because of who He is. What a friend we have in Jesus!

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