Summer Peace

There is something so peaceful and reassuring in the flowers of summer. I LOVE flowers! Watching things grow brings me joy and fulfillment. Mama always had a beautiful yard. She worked so hard to keep it that way. I suppose that love rubbed off on me. My sister, Debbie, has the same love, just stepped … More Summer Peace


Our faith was too small. That’s what this man told us on two different occasions. When Les was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, we were visited first in the hospital and then at home by a man with whom we attended church. He was in our Sunday School class and had been in our … More Why?

My Daddy

For all of you who think you have the best daddy in the world, I have just one thing to say. YOU ARE SO VERY, VERY BLESSED!!!!! You thought I was going to say that MY  daddy is the world’s best, didn’t you? Here’s the deal, guys. All of us who are blessed enough to … More My Daddy

Our Comfort Zone

  Behind my house is a wheat field. Before the wheat got so high, I could see deer creep out of the woods and nibble the tender shoots while staying close by the safety of those woods. Last week, on two different occasions, I spotted two little ears just barely sticking out above the wheat. … More Our Comfort Zone