Entitlement is a growing problem in our culture.

Our government seems to encourage it.

It appears there are many who are willing to take and take and take

because they feel they “deserve” it.

It is their right!

How easy it is to point our fingers at “those” people!

Last night at our Thursday night church service,

I realized that perhaps I am one of those.

Hear me out.

This isn’t about welfare or any government assistance.

This is about my attitude toward God.

Jason Carter, a missionary who serves, along with his wife and family,

in Equatorial New Guinea, Africa,

challenged us from the first chapter of the book of Job.

Job had it all!

LOTS of wealth and a great family.

But he lost it all.

No, he didn’t make unwise investments.

No, he didn’t throw it away partying and living the big life.

The Word says he was an upright man.

So, what happened????

According to God’s Word, God gave satan permission to destroy it.


In fact, it was God who instigated the whole thing.

We don’t like the sound of any of that, do we?

We want a God that gives and gives and gives


when we have time and feel like it,

we just might return a little of it to His work

and say a few thank-you’s to Him.

Kinda sounds like an attitude of entitlement, doesn’t it?


Not really.

The truth is, I deserve NOTHING!

His blessings are just the icing on the cake.

Forgive me, Father, for my attitude of thinking I deserve all

the accolades and “things” of this world. 

I deserve nothing. 

You deserve ALL honor and glory and praise and blessing. 

You, and You alone, are to be my heart’s desire.  You have told me to seek first Your kingdom

and Your righteousness, and these things will be added unto me.  Even the grace You so readily extend

to me daily is undeserved.  May I grasp that fact, Lord. 

And may I respond to life’s sufferings as Job did by falling on my face

in worship of You, understanding that You give and You take away.

And that when I have You, I have ALL I need.

Because You are enough!

Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Lots of Love, Sharon

One thought on “Entitlement

  1. That was a great review of Jason’s message Sunday! really good stuff that Jason was preaching on.!! We are so blessed also to have Jason M as our pastor with the seemingly unlimited resources of folks he knows and brings in! Blessings to you Sharon! Come when you can but I know that you’re busy! Love, Your bro, rob

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