Mom Thoughts

Tomorrow we celebrate moms.

My sister and I don’t have one.

Almost three years ago , her body took its last breath

and she was gone from us.

Sadly, we’ve really been without a mom for much longer.

You see, something happened inside her brain

and the woman who sang while she cleaned

and sewed all our clothes

and kept a well-manicured yard

and raised a garden

and drove five hours to spoil her first grandchild

started slipping away from us.

It didn’t happen overnight and sometimes we weren’t even sure it was really happening.

But it was.

And our mom was robbed of her own self.

Les’ mom is still living, but her mind, too, is slipping away from us.

Unfortunately, we never really had a mother-daughter relationship.

She has always simply been Les’ mom.

Nothing planned.

Just the way it’s been.

However, now as her mind has become so childlike,

she is always so happy to see me.

(No smart comments, please!)

Today, where she lives, they had a Mother’s Day Tea for the ladies and their families.

Stacey and the children had to go earlier this morning due to conflicting plans,

but I was able to go for the “tea.”

Mother's Day Tea 2014
Mother’s Day Tea 2014

She was happy to see me as usual.

I almost didn’t recognize her because they had slicked back her hair.

It is so hard to watch your loved ones become like children.

She was always so prissy!

That hair was always “fixed”

and there were earrings

and bracelets

and necklaces

and rings on every finger

and bright lipstick

on that always perfectly tanned face.

She liked brightly colored clothes and lots of shoes.

Today, she said to me several times with a great big smile that she was “dressed up.”

Yes, someone had taken the time to find her a nicer pair of slacks and a nice shirt.

She even had on some low-heeled pumps.

Together, we beamed


enjoyed our time.

She remembered that Stacey and the children had been earlier,

but not that Les is now with Jesus.

It is always so difficult for both of us when we’re together.

Her oldest son isn’t there anymore

and she hasn’t recovered from that blow.

So, to honor her and to honor Les, I go.

Yes, it is hard,

but her love for me is genuine,

even if it is from a childlike mind.

My life misses having a mom.

Mom’s aren’t perfect,

but without them, none of us would be here.

I am grateful for the blessing of being a mom and grandmother.

It is such an honorable call of one’s life.

When’s the last time you talked with your mom?

If it’s been a while, maybe it’s time to change that.

Life is uncertain.

Don’t put off spending time with your mom.

I sure would love to hear my mom sing again!!!!

Thank God, He has left me with many good memories of my Mama.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Lots of love, Sharon


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